Heli Metall (ヘリメットール Heri Mettōru) is a Met model from the Mega Man series. Heli Metall has a propeller on its head that allows it to fly, and instead of feet it has two cannons.


Mega Man 7

Heli Metalls are used to repel intruders from the elevator in Junk Man's stage. They simply fly up and shoot while passing.

Mega Man 2: The Power Fighters

Centaur Man can summon Heli Metalls to support him.

Other appearances

Heli Metall RW

Heli Metall RW is a variation in the first three Mega Man Zero games. It only appears if Zero uses the Met-like Cyber-elves, which will transform most aerial enemies into a Heli Metall RW. Those Mets act similar to the original counterpart, except that when hit in the propeller they will fall and act as normal Metall RWs.

Other media

Heli Metall appeared in Rockman 7 manga.


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