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Helit (ヘリット Heritto) is a flying enemy Mechaniloid in Mega Man X3 that attacks with missiles. They appear in Blast Hornet's stage, Blizzard Buffalo's stage, Crush Crawfish's stage, and the second Doppler Stage.

Other Media

Rockman X3 manga

Helits appear fighting alongside other Maverick minions in the attack to the Neo Maverick Hunter Base. They are also part of the Mavericks that surrounded X while he was fighting Crush Crawfish, and attacking Zero who defeated and reformed Blast Hornet. Later, Helits were among the Mavericks led by Byte in the attack to Dr. Cain's underground laboratory, fighting against Blizzard Buffalo, Blast Hornet, Neon Tiger, Tunnel Rhino, and Volt Catfish.


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