Hell Crusher (ヘルクラッシャー Heru Kurasshā) is the sub-boss of Tunnel Rhino's stage in Mega Man X3. Like Tunnel Rhino himself, it's a Reploid who participated in the mining of Energen Crystals. It attacks by running over the player to crush him against the wall and pierce with its spike. If the player wall jumps when it's not moving, it will use one of its clawed hands to grapple itself up to the ceiling, with its torso separating from its tracked locomotion module, which stays on the floor. It will then use its free hand to attack by firing it out of its arm towards X. The arm is pulled back to Hell Crusher's torso and the process may repeat if X stays on the wall after the initial strike.

Other Media

Hell Crusher makes an appearance on Card #93 of Rockman X Mega Mission 3.

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