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Hell the Giant (ヘル・ザ・ジャイアント), shortened as The Giant in the game's database, is a boss from Mega Man Zero 4, a giant Reploid that has spent a long time in prison. Zero engages and defeats it in order to save Neige from the Prison, where Craft was holding her captive.


Hell the Giant's only apparent weakness is its large head. The duration of the conflict h
as Zero dodging many attacks from its arms, but in-between Hell's attacks are good times to counter with Zero's own attacks. Hell does not have any elemental weaknesses.

Hell has three attacks:

  • Rolling Punch - Hell punches swiftly downward towards the target with one arm. The Giant is more inclined to use this attack when Zero is in the corners.
  • Rolling Press - Hell collides both fists together to smite Zero. The Giant is more prone to do this when Zero is in the center.
  • Double Punch - Hell slams the ground with both arms to create moving shockwaves, causing parts of the ceiling to collapse. Like Rolling Press, it is usually done when Zero is near the center.

One can dodge his single hamming punches easily by moving away to another part of the field. When Hell uses both fists, Zero must utilize his dashing as the fists collide to avoid the attack. An alternative is a double jump. Both require timing to perform correctly. Hell's final move demands wall jumping to avoid the shockwaves, and dashing to evade the collapsing ceiling that follows.



  • This boss is the only one amongst the bosses of Mega Man Zero 4 that is fought in the middle of the mission instead of at the end. This is somewhat reminiscent of some missions in the first title, where certain bosses aren't necessarily fought at the end of the mission.
  • For an unknown reason, Hell the Giant seems to actually know Zero, as he says "It's you! You are Zero!" before the boss fight.
    • It is possible Hell the Giant is related to Maoh the Giant due to their very similar appearance and the fact that it's never explictly stated what became of the surviving members of Dr. Doppler 's army
  • Its facial design and coloration appear similar to the antagonist Jagi of the 80's manga and anime series Fist of the North Star.

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