"You should view it as an honor to be slashed to retirement by my sword!"
—Herculious Anchus, Neo Arcadia Shrine, Mega Man Zero

Herculious Anchus (ヘラクリウス・アンカトゥス Herakuriusu Ankatusu), also known as Herculious Anchortus, is the main boss of the Neo Arcadia Shrine, the first of the final stages from Mega Man Zero.

Herculious is a Mutos Reploid based on the hercules beetle, and is a member of Sage Harpuia's Strong Air Battalion. Zero encounters Herculious at the end of the Neo Arcadia Shrine and again in the Neo Arcadia Core. He uses electrical attacks and is vulnerable to ice attacks.

Herculious also appears alongside his brother Kuwagust Anchus in Yggdrasil, the final stage of Mega Man Zero 2, in the second teleporter room, in the bottom left teleporter. He meets his end when Zero tricks the two brothers into colliding with each other, which results in fatal damage to both of them.


Attack Description Notes
Beet Tackle Herculious Anchus charges at Zero. He always starts off with this attack in both battles.
Beet Anchor Herculious Anchus launches two of his arms to block and barricade the player (on the ground or in midair) and creates a electric fence. He then charges at Zero.
Beet Plasma Herculious Anchus fires four energy orbs from his horn. After losing enough health, he will also fire a large orb that slowly moves towards Zero.
EX Skill: All Range Attack Herculious goes to the center of the screen, outstreches his arms, and shoots four bullets in Zero's direction. In Mega Man Zero 2, this is the only attack he uses other than his charge attacks, which he does alongside his brother.


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  • Herculious and Kuwagust have the same second name in Japan, but Herculious' name was originally translated as Anchortus in Mega Man Zero, while Kuwagust was translated as Anchus in Mega Man Zero 2. Both are named Anchus in Mega Man Zero Collection.
  • While Herculious is named after the Hercules Beetle, design-wise, he appears more like a beetle from the Chalcosoma genus.