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Herculious Anchortus (ヘラクリウス・アンカトゥス) is the second boss of the Neo Arcadia Shrine (the first of the final stages) from Mega Man Zero. Herculious is a Reploid based on the hercules beetle, and is a member of Sage Harpuia's Rekku Army. Zero encounters Herculious at the end of the Neo Arcadia Shrine stage and again in the final stage. He uses electrical attacks and is vulnerable to ice attacks.

He appears alongside his brother Kuwagust Anchus in the final stage of Mega Man Zero 2.


Nickname: Lightning Beetle (ライトニングビートル)
EX Skill: All Range Attack (オールレンジアタック): Herculious goes to the center of the screen and shots four bullets in Zero's direction.

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