The Hermes Armor (ヘルメスアーマー Herumesu Āmā) is found in Mega Man X8. It can only be used when the Neutral Armor is equipped with all four H-Parts. In addition to the cumulative effects of the four parts, the armor supplies X with the ability to perform the X-Drive, an ability that will boost most of X's stats for a limited time.

Armor Parts

Head Parts H, in Avalanche Yeti's stage: Above the boss area. Jump onto the wall before the path narrows down to the boss, and use Zero's double-jump to get past the ledge sticking out above. Then, on the area above, use Shining Ray/Tenshouha/Ray Gun to melt the ice blocking the capsule.

Doubles the charge speed of all of X's Special Weapons and the X-Buster. Charge speed is quadrupled when X-Drive is in effect.

Body Parts H, in Dark Mantis's stage: In the second of two vertical shafts with elevators in this stage, instead of going down, move up the shaft. Palette will notify the player of the existence of such space if the part has not been obtained before. There's a hidden room to the right containing the capsule.

Enables invincibility to enemy attacks that damages 2HP health or less. Invincibility duration doubled when X-Drive is in effect. When X takes damage, he will earn Metals equivalent to the damage done to him.

Buster Parts H, in Optic Sunflower's stage: While passing through rooms between the "trials", there will be a room with a platform to the left and above blocked by some obstacles. Palette will inform the player's character of some unknown data hidden inside the area where the capsule is located. Switch to X and use Squeeze Bomb to destroy the obstacles; the capsule is on the other side.

Fires 3 semi-charged spread shots when the X-Buster is fully charged, with the added capability of breaking defences. Adds a fourth-level charged shot that shoots 5 semi-charged shots when X-Drive is in effect.

Foot Parts H, in Burn Rooster's stage: The capsule is in plain sight while the Hunters make their way through the area after the first enemy checkpoint. However, to get to the capsule itself, one must climb a spike-lined shaft climbing upwards. Using Axl's transformation into Skyroid, a Reploid with limited flight found in the same area, will make this task easier.

Doubles running and dashing speed, and turn invisible/"invincible" while dashing. Running and dashing speed is quadrupled when X-Drive is in effect. However, the vanishing effect granted from this armor has no effect on avoiding damage from enemies, as it counter-intuitively seems to make X invisible only to the player. This makes some segments of the game needlessly harder while using this Leg part (however its alternate Icarus leg part's uncontrollable high jump is equally unintuitive).

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