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Hide and Secrets is the forty-eight episode of Mega Man: Fully Charged. It will air on Cartoon Network on May 19.


Desperate for answers about Namagem, Mega Man decides to break into his father's lab, which leaves Suna exposed to the vengeful robot.


The chapther initiates with Namagem Spying Aki and Suna from Obsiandian's base. Suna and Aki are walking in the forest and talk of the hard is liying to their Father over Aki being Megaman 

Major events

  • Namagem demostrates being jealous of Aki having a nice family, and good relationship with them, contrary to his relationship with St.Nigth/Lord Obsidian.
  • Aki discover Namagem know his identity.
  • The Mega Key and Dr Light bab are show for first time.



  • Aki say in joke he have to left to be megaman past the job to willy, and just after saying it, rethinks and admit is a "pretty cool idea".
  •  Mega-Mini know the door of the lab open with a a password
    • The password is "Family"
  • The Holographic messages on the lab are a reference from the Megaman X videogames where a Hologram of Dr.light left in the upgrade capsules for "X"
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