Hideki Ishikawa

Hideki Ishikawa (石川ヒデキ Ishikawa Hideki) is a character designer and illustrator that worked for Capcom. Currently he is working as a freelancer.


Mega Man series


Alternate Mega Man universe artwork

Alternate Mega Man universe drawn by Hideki Ishikawa. This image was illustrated by Hideki as a re-imagined Mega Man universe, which was first published in CFC Style Fan-Book CAP! #7 and later in other sources. Although not related to the game series, it became popular and its original characters appeared in different media:
  • W. Waltz: The only original character named by Hideki, the robot girl saying "According to Dr. Wily's order, you will be disintegrated.". She appeared briefly in the last issue of the Mega Man comic from Dreamwave Productions as Dr. Wily's assistant.[1]
  • Chief and secretary: The two appear briefly in the first chapter of Mega Man Megamix.[2]
  • Wily's assistant: A female character that appears in the Mega Man comic by Archie Comics as Madam Y, a liaison of Mr. X's X Corporation, first appearing in Mega Man #48.


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