Highway (ハイウェイ) is the name of a location from Mega Man ZX, a highway from Cinq Ville.

Area D

See also: Slither Inc.'s head office

Area D Highway is the area which was under siege by massive Maverick attacks. The player fights against Girouette in this area and acquires Biometal Model Z, allowing the player to Double Megamerge and become the Model ZX Mega Man. The soundtrack for this area is called Cinq Ville - c'est notre espoir -.

Most of the layout resembles the opening stage of the first Mega Man X game, a long highway with two battles against a flying mid-boss (King Flyer) resembling the Bee Blader. Area D-1 can be accessed from Area B-2 and Area C-2, and half of the area will be unavailable until the area's mission. Area D-2 has Slither Inc.'s head office, which can only be accessed in the final mission. Area D-3 gives access to Area G-1 and Area O-1, the path to Area G requiring a Yellow Card Key. There is a Transerver room between Area D-2 and D-3.

Area D-4 and D-5 are inside Slither Inc.'s head office and serve as the stage for the final mission, which culminates in the final battle between Vent/Aile and Serpent. All of the main mission bosses are fought at some point in this area before progressing to the final boss. Clearing this area's mission (which in effect, clears the game) unlocks Hard Mode; and if completed with both Vent and Aile, unlocks the ability to retain Model X in subsequent playthroughs. The soundtrack for this area is called Snake Eyes.


Image Enemy
Giro megamerge sprite.gif
Girouette (boss)
King flyer sprite.gif
King Flyer (mid-boss)
Energy cannon sprite.gif
Energy Cannon
Cutting Gyro
Capsule shooter sprite.gif
Capsule Shooter
Galleon Hunter
Platform cannon sprite.gif
Platform Cannon
Spi-king sprite.gif
Electric face sprite.gif
Shock Face
Fly chopper sprite.gif
Fly Chopper (from King Flyer)

Secret Disks

Disk Area
B-04 D-2
M-04 D-2
E-06 D-3
E-12 D-1
E-19 D-1
E-40 D-2
O-12 D-2


Area O

Area O Highway 2 is a highway attacked by Slither Inc. after Serpent retrieved the Model W Core in Area M. Prometheus and Pandora are leading the Maverick attack, and they are fought together at the end of the area's mission, "Repel the Army". Deluxe Galleon Wing reappear there from Area X. Area O is accessed from Area D-3, and it has a Transerver room in Area O-2. The soundtrack for this area is called Black Burn.


Image Enemy
P P Prometheus and Pandora (boss)
Deluxe Galleon Wing (mid-boss)
Tentalamia (mid-boss)
Galleon Wing
Sci-sensor sprite.gif
Angle cannon sprite.gif
Angle Cannon
Galleon Sledder
Presto Cannon.png
Presto Cannon
Galleon Burner
Fire face sprite.gif
Heat Face
Auto counter flame sprite.gif
Auto Counter ECO

Secret Disks

Disk Area
B-14 O-2
M-03 O-1
E-42 O-1

Mega Man ZX Advent

A Highway is attacked by Mavericks led by Thetis to obtain a Model W piece underwater. It bears some resemblance to the Highway from Mega Man ZX, and while it is located in the same city,[1] it is unknown if is is the same one from Area D and Area O.


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