Higsby's Battle Chip shop in Mega Man Battle Network 3.

Higsby's, simply known as Chip Shop in the English anime dub and as HiguReya[1][2] (日暮屋 Higure-ya) in Japan, is Higsby's Battle Chip shop in the Mega Man Battle Network series.

Game history

Mega Man Battle Network

After Higsby and NumberMan are defeated by Lan Hikari and MegaMan, Higsby left the World Three and opened a Battle Chip shop in ACDC Town.

Mega Man Battle Network 2

As Higsby goes on a trip to Netopia collecting rare chips and installing Chip Traders in other countries; his shop is closed during early events. During the latter half of the game he returns to ACDC Town and reopens his shop.

Mega Man Battle Network 3

Inside Higsby's shop.

Higsby goes on vacation to YumLand and his shop is closed again, but he returns later and helps Lan during their chase for BubbleMan. The shop has a Chip Trader and a Number Trader. There is a large poster of Zero (White version) or SharkMan (Blue version) near Higsby.

Sign Comp

The Sign Comp is an anti-theft device that sets off a very noisy alarm if someone tries to steal a chip. It has the shape of a NumberMan display.


Normal stock

Image Item Description Stock Price
MMBN3MChip04.png StandOut
* Heat: Send Fire into hole x1 6000Ƶ
MMBN3MChip06.png WatrLine
Chika Suimyaku)
* Water: Draw wter from hole x1 6000Ƶ
MMBN3MChip08.png Lightning
* Elec: Dmgs object & area x1 6000Ƶ
MMBN3MChip10.png GaiaSwrd
* Wood: Take power fr. next chip x1 6000Ƶ
MMBN3SChip198.png Elec+30
* +30 for Elec atk chip x1 5000Ƶ
MMBN3SChip129.png TimeBomb
Count Bomb)
M An area-wide time bomb x1 6000Ƶ
MMBN3SChip040.png AirSwrd
Fuatsu Ken)
R Wide swrd with air attack! x1 14000Ƶ
MMBN3MChip16.png OldWood
W Summons OldWood from hole x1 40000Ƶ

Mega Man Battle Chip Challenge

Higsby's shop is the first available Chip Shop. Players have the option to buy a single Battle Chip, 10 Battle Chips or Get info on gameplay. It's the only one available Chip Shop in the WonderSwan Color version.

Mega Man Battle Network 4

In the events that follow if Lan faces Higsby in the Den City Tournament, a guy is planning to close down his shop and replace it with a shop that sells brushes, though Lan manages to help out by gathering posters for his assistant.

The shop has a Chip Trader, a Number Trader for lotto numbers, and a Free Tournament BBS. It is shown the shop also sells chip info magazines and PET covers.

Normal stock

Image Item Description Stock Price
BN4Chip008.png Spreader
Spread Gun)
L Creates a large explosion 3800Ƶ
BN4Chip123.png PnlRetrn
* Fix your area's panels 4500Ƶ
BN4Chip147.png LifeSync
Q Makes enmy's HP same 5500Ƶ
BN4Chip125.png Geddon 2
Deathmatch 2)
N Brake all empty panels 6800Ƶ
BN4Chip002.png HiCannon
C Cannon to attack 1 enemy 8400Ƶ
BN4Chip113.png Recov120
J Recovers 120HP 10000Ƶ
BN4Chip058.png LongBlde
G Cuts enmy in front! Range: 2 12000Ƶ
BN4MChip001.png SuprVulc
V Cuts enmy in front! Range: 2 12000Ƶ

Mega Man Battle Network 5

The back of the shop is used as a base by ProtoMan's/Colonel's Anti-Nebula Corps.

Normal stock

Image Item Description Stock Price
BN5Chip066.png YoYo
D Yoyo atk reaches 3sq ahead x3 5800Ƶ
BN5Chip160.png Blinder
D Blinds enemy w/ light x3 6500Ƶ
BN5Chip049.png IceSeed
A Makes 9sq ice 3sq ahead x3 7300Ƶ
BN5Chip028.png GunDelS2
G Sunshine appear w/ Button x3 8400Ƶ
BN5MChip001.png SuprVulc
S 12-shot vulcan cannon x1 9800Ƶ
BN5Chip158.png FstGauge
Quick Gauge)
Q CustGauge Temporary speed-up x1 10000Ƶ
BN5Chip030.png ElemRage
K Powers up when over elem sq x3 12000Ƶ
Team ProtoMan only
BN5TPGChip006.png DethPhnx
D Fire Atk! Recycle Navi too x1 25000Ƶ
Team Colonel only
BN5TCGChip006.png Phoenix
P Fire Atk! Recover HP, too! x1 25000Ƶ

Higsby's bargain bin

Image Item Description Stock Price
BN5Chip034.png MiniBomb
* Throws a minibomb 3 sq ahead 300Ƶ
BN5Chip005.png Vulcan1
* 3-shot to pierce 1 panel! 400Ƶ
BN5Chip164.png Barrier
* Nullifies 10 HP of damage 600Ƶ
BN5Chip031.png Thunder
Thunder Ball)
* Paralyzing electric attack 1000Ƶ
BN5Chip180.png ColorPt
* +10 for next chip attack 2500Ƶ
BN5Chip092.png Boomer
* Boomerang encircles field 5000Ƶ

Higsby's chip showcase

Image Item Description Stock Price
BN5Chip167.png BblWrap
Y Weak against elec attack 1 4200Ƶ
BN5MChip058.png Django
D Burns with sunlight 1 7300Ƶ
BN5MChip004.png NumbrBl
N Last 2 HP digits = atk pwr 1 9500Ƶ

Mega Man Star Force 2

In Lan's diary entry from July, it is said that some years after Mega Man Battle Network 6 Higsby's moved to a new location that will be 10 stories tall and would be called "Higsby's Chip Emporium".

Anime history

MegaMan NT Warrior

In the episode Count to Three!, Higsby opened a Chip Shop after MegaMan defeated NumberMan.

In the episode NetCity!, it's shown Higsby opened a virtual Chip Shop in NetCity, with NumberMan taking care of it.

MegaMan NT Warrior Axess

In the episode It's All How You Look at It!, Shuko Kido starts working in Higsby's shop.



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