Hirarian 427 (ひらりあん427 Hirarian 427), also known as Crab Mine,[1] is an exploding enemy from the Mega Man series that appeared in Mega Man 5 and Mega Man for the Game Gear. They stay latched onto the ceiling until Mega Man approaches, and then fall and race towards him. They can be destroyed with a normal shot from the Mega Buster, but if they are dodged, they will simply continue moving until they explode. In Mega Man 5 they appear in Stone Man's stage, the first and third stages of Proto Man's Castle, and the second stage of the Wily Castle. They also appear in Stone Man's stage in Mega Man for the Game Gear.

Other media

Hirarian 427 has a brief appearance in the Mega Man: Upon a Star episode Appearance in Japan as one of the robots that form Samurai Man.


Similar enemies


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