Hittite Hottaid (ヒッタイト・ホッタイド Hittaito Hottaido) is a giant underground mining Mechaniloid boss from Mega Man Zero. Equipped with a bomb and sent by Neo Arcadia to attack the Resistance Base, the Mechaniloid starts its assault landing in near the Disposal Center, in front of the room where Zero fought Aztec Falcon. It digs its way to the base and is set to self-destruct upon arrival. Besides the lethal spinning drill in front of it, it can attack with explosives, releases Gli-Eyes, and has numerous Pantheons inside.

After its defeat, Zero receives the Cyber-elf Stoctto; additionally, a secret area containing another Cyber-elf, Hapitan, can be found if the player allows the machine to drill through the yellow building in the center of the mission. However, if Zero fails, either by not being able to prevent the mech from reaching the base or aborting, the mission with Hanumachine follows immediately afterwards.


Nickname: 超怒級自走弾頭 (roughly "Super Angry Class Self-Propelled Warhead")


Note: Attacks names are unofficial.

  • Explosive Mines: The 'tail' part of the mechaniloid will retract and drop 3 mines on the ground. They can be destroyed before they reach the ground.
  • Aerial Bombs: The 'bomb launcher' will launch 3 airborne bombs that float to the ground. Can be safely destroyed with the Triple Rod.
  • Gli-Eye Sortie: One of the parts summons Gil-Eyes to hinder the player. Destroy them before they become a nuisance.
  • EX Skill: Last Battalion (ラストバタリオン): Pantheons appear from the hatch after all other machine parts are destroyed. There are three Pantheons in total (although they all share the same health):
  1. Pantheon Hunter: It fires 5 shots at the player's position.
  2. Pantheon Grenadier: Flings two bombs that spread out from each other, one close and one far.
  3. Pantheon Bazooka: Fires a shot with encases Zero in a cage that hinders his mobility. The cage can be easily destroyed with the Z-Saber though.


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