Hogale (ホゲール Hogēru) is a flying whale-shaped airship enemy from Mega Man 8 that appears in Tengu Man and Frost Man's stages, and in Wily Tower Stage 2. On the regular parts of the stages, it drops Metall SVs. It also appears in the Rush Jet sections, spitting out Tencrows. Iin Frost Man's stage, they can also drop ice blocks for the machines to push. Some blocks contain Penpen EVs.

Hogale Submarine

Hogale Submarine (ホゲールサブマリン Hogēru Sabumarin) is a modified Hogale that appears in Pirate Man's stage in Mega Man & Bass. There's an infinite number of them swimming in a section with short spaces, where the player needs to hide under them or destroy them quickly to proceed before it causes harm. Its appearance is just like the normal Hogale, except for the lack of propellers.

Other media

Hogale appears in Mega Man Gigamix and the Rockman 8 manga.



  • Hogale is a combination of the Japanese word "hogei", which means whaling, and the English writing of whale (ホエール hoēru) in Japan.

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