Homing Torpedo (ホーミングトーピード Hōmingu Tōpīdo) is the Special Weapon that X obtains from defeating Launch Octopus in Mega Man X and Mega Man Maverick Hunter X. When equipped, X fires a small missile that seeks out the nearest enemy. If there or no enemies nearby, the weapon will simply fly in a straight line. Despite its "torpedo" moniker, it can be used both in and out of water, much like the amphibious Dive Missile from the original series. Up to two Homing Torpedoes can be fired and be visible on the screen at a time (three in Maverick Hunter X). When fully charged, X will fire four (six in MHX) quick piranha/angelfish-like missiles; along with having increased firepower, these torpedoes boast a more fluid mobility and faster traveling speed that grants its homing capabilities with a higher degree of accuracy onto nearby targets than if uncharged, and is useful when faced with numbers of enemies.

This weapon is Boomer Kuwanger's weakness. Vile is also susceptible to the Homing Torpedo as well.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X.

Mmxhomingticon.png Homing Torpedo
Boss Damage
Normal Charged
Chill Penguin 1 2
Spark Mandrill 1 2
Armored Armadillo 1 2
Launch Octopus 1 2
Boomer Kuwanger 3 4
Sting Chameleon 1 2
Storm Eagle 1 2
Flame Mammoth 1 2
Vile 3 3
Bospider 1 2
Rangda Bangda 1 2
D-Rex 1 2
Velguarder 1 2
Sigma: 1st Phase 1 1
Sigma: 2nd Phase 0 0

Other appearances

Mega Man X DiVE

The uncharged version of Homing Torpedo featured as X's second active skill in Rockman X DiVE with its Maverick Hunter X design, where it is named Tracking missile (追蹤飛彈) in English and Chinese and Homing Missile (ホーミングミサイル) in Japanese. X can fire up to two missiles, having a cooldown period to recharge after use. It has three skill cards available, but only one can be equipped to improve it:

  • Ammunition expansion - X can fire one additional missile.
  • Positioning System - Increases flight speed and tracking effect.
  • Destruction warhead - After hitting, the target's defense is reduced for some time, increasing the damage it takes.

Shironeko Project

Tracking Missile is one of X's skills. When used, X charges energy and releases a giant homing missile that explodes on impact and causes heavy Light attribute damage to the target and surrounding enemies. It has a chance of temporarily stopping targets.


Mega Man X screenshots


  • In Mega Man X, Homing Torpedo is misspelled Horming Torpedo in-game. This grammatical error has been corrected in Maverick Hunter X.
  • Due to a bug, Homing Torpedo is incapable of homing in on Sigma's first form when fighting him in Sigma Palace 4. Whether it be under normal or secondary fire, the weapon will just be fired straight forward, as if there were no enemies nearby. In Mega Man Maverick Hunter X, this bug has been fixed.
  • In both icon and uncharged forms, it bears a resemblance to the Dive Missile from Mega Man 4. However, its artwork somewhat lacks this resemblance.
    • Funnily enough, both weapons are missiles that home in on nearby enemies, and are obtained by bosses that are fought underwater.

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