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The Hoover Gang is a trio of criminals and former custodians who appear as minor antagonists in Mega Man: Fully Charged. They first appear in the episode I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency), where they tried to rob a bank but were thwarted by Ice Man and Mega Man. Wayne is voiced by Ryan Beil (who also provides the voice for Mega Mini) while Duane is voiced by Michael Adamthwaite (who also provides the voice for Sergeant Breaker Night).


The Hoover Gang consists of two humans, Duane and Wayne, and one robot named Vacuhead. The humans are tall, slender men who look almost identical, except one has tan skin and dark hair while the other has white skin and dark blue hair. Vacuhead is a small cylinder-shaped robot with blue body armor, purple skin, and a large hairdo. He also carries a tank on his back and has a window scrubber for a hand.


All three members of the Hoover Gang carry nonlethal weapons, such as glue guns. They're shown to be pretty good shots.


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