The Horokko (ホロッコ), also known as "Zakobon", is one of the most common and familiar Reaverbots in the Mega Man Legends series. The horn on top of its head makes it almost as tall as Mega Man Volnutt. In most appearances, the Horokko has the one familiar red Reaverbot eye. In Mega Man Legends 2, they have two smaller hole-like eyes.


Mega Man Legends

The first game has two Horokko varieties. The standard green Horokko appears in the Ocean Tower and in Kattelox Island's Underground Ruins, the ones present in the Ocean Tower having less health. They fall onto their backs and shoot out bombs, and sometimes spin into intruders. Mega Man can kick their bombs back to them. If Mega Man is far away, the will dash in his direction. If hit with a Mega Buster shot when their health is low, they will do a suicide spin attack, exploding after the attack to deal more damage. They drop less Zenny when they explode with this attack.

The Red Horokko (レッドホロッコ) is a lot faster and more aggressive, and attack with fireballs instead of bombs, alongside the spin attack. The fireballs cannot be shot and destroyed like the bombs, so one must dodge the fireballs. They appear in the Lake Jyun Ruins and the Main Gate, and are released by Guynie Toren in Uptown's Sub-City.

Mega Man Legends 2


Horokko from Mega Man Legends 2

Unlike the previous game, they are now fought on the surface (as random encounters in some areas), as well as underground and even on Elysium. They also appear in many colors with varying strengths, but the majority lost their ability to fire bombs, forcing them to attack by bumping into Mega Man, given the opportunity. The most noticeable are the Fire Horokko (ファイアホロッコ) (that can cause burning damage to Mega Man) and Ice Horokko (アイスホロッコ), both of which can still fire bombs at Mega Man. Mega Man can pick up and throw Horokkos (including the fire and ice varieties), although he will suffer burning damage should he get attacked (fire damage can be prevented by buying the Flame Barrier; however, there is no barrier for ice damage). With a strong Omega-rated armor, Horokkos can be pushed around and destroyed without damaging Mega Man, although he will still suffer the additional elemental damage if he bumps into the fire and ice versions.

Other appearances

Horokkos were slated to appear in the cancelled game Mega Man Legends 3. Like the first game, they attacked by spinning and releasing bombs, but the bombs were released by opening the top part of their bodies, and released fireballs from the bottom.

Horokko appeared in the mobile game Rockman DASH: 5tsu no Shima no Daibouken!.

In the crossover Namco × Capcom, both Horokko and Red Horokko from the first game appear as minor enemies. Horokkos attack by tackling enemies and Red Horokkos by releasing fireballs. Both Horokko and Red Horokko return in the crossover Project × Zone.



  • Zakopon (ザコポン) was Horokko's name during the development of the first Mega Man Legends game. The name is a combination of zako (a word used to refer to minor enemies) and pon (an onomatopoeia similar to "pow" and "puff"), being called so due to being one of the weakest enemies.[1] The name was later changed and only stayed in the game as the name of the stuffed Reaverbot in the Junk Shop in Apple Market, which is known as Rover outside Japan.
    • Horokko was misnamed as Zakobon in Prima's Official Strategy Guide.


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