Hover Gunner (ホバーガンナー) is a small hovering cannon from Mega Man X4, X5 and X6. It appears in the stages of Jet Stingray, Split Mushroom, Cyber Peacock, Crescent Grizzly, the second final stage of Mega Man X5, and the Opening Stage of Mega Man X6.

Some Hover Gunners, like those in Split Mushroom's stage, fire in random directions, changing directions between shots. After firing a certain number of shots they will fly away. They are green in Mega Man X4 and Mega Man X6, and red in Mega Man X5.


Fly Gunner

Fly Gunner (フライガンナー) is a modified Hover Gunner that appears in Frost Walrus' stage in Mega Man X4. Compared to the Hover Gunners, these enemies fire more slowly and predictably. They fly about in the area they are in, flying up to avoid obstacles in their path. When they target an enemy, they fire three projectiles towards their foe. Unlike Hover Gunners, they will not fly up and offscreen after a certain amount of time.

Float Gunner

Float Gunner is a modified version from Mega Man X8 that appears in Noah's Park, Booster Forest, Inferno and Pitch Black.

These hovering cannons can fire two shots in a spread formation in any direction; however, if powered-up by a MAME-Q, they will fire three. On Hard Mode, they will attack with a more powerful laser.

They also reappear in Rockman X DiVE.

Other media

Hover Gunners appear in the Rockman X4 manga alongside TriScans, and Spike Marls fighting Zero in Cyberspace. Despite overwhelming the Maverick Hunter, they are destroyed.



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