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For the Mega Man "Humanoids", see Robot Master.
ZX Vent

Vent, a Humanoid.

Humanoid (ヒューマノイド Hyūmanoido) is a term from the Mega Man ZX series that refers to Humans with mechanical parts. Humanoids can be considered the same as "cyborgs" in the Mega Man franchise.


To create equality between humans and Reploids, Legion created a law that humans must have mechanical parts, and Reploids have lifespans. Since both are now treated as humans, the only difference between them is that Reploids have a red triangle on their forehead, the exception being to the Sage Trinity and/or possible illegal reploids. The original human parts that were replaced are stored by Legion, although Master Thomas implies that they were in the four chosen Megamen for Models P, L, F, and H (Siarnaq, Thetis, Atlas, and Aeolus, respectively), alongside the similarly confiscated original Reploid data.[1]

Notes and references

  1. Master Thomas: Give Humans robotic bodies, and give Reploids mortality. So where do you think the Human bodies for the Reploids are? What do you think happened to the original Reploid data from before we gave them mortality? (The four enemy megamen show up) - Mega Man ZX Advent secret ending.