Humanoid Bridge (人型艦橋 Hitogata Kankyou) is the last sub-boss of Splash Warfly's Battleship stage in Mega Man X7.


It attacks with several rotating turrets at its base, and even though Zero's saber can deflect the shots back, its much easier to use Axl and his standard gun to target the turrets while dodging. When one cannon is destroyed, its torso transforms, retracting its head and revealing a cannon in its chest which it uses to launch a trio of fireballs before changing back. The fireballs explode on contact with the deck, leaving a pillar of flames that last for several seconds. When all turrets are destroyed, the Humanoid Bridge will explode, taking the battleship with it.


  • During the boss battle against Splash Warfly, its damaged remains can be seen floating out in the distance.

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