Geo's Hunter-VG active

The Hunter-VG (ハンターVG) is a new form of mobile terminal in Mega Man Star Force 3, succeeding the Transer and the Star Carrier.


  • Retractable Display: Also the main display, the player can operate the Hunter-VG by touching the icons on the display. In addition to sending or receiving email and phone calls, the player can also track and manage Battle Card and Wizard information.
  • Emblem Display: The installed Wizard Emblem appears here.
  • Wizard Slot: This slot serves as the installation point for Wizard Adapters. Slots and adapters are manufactured in accordance with a single unified standard, making it possible to install a wide range of adapters into any Hunter-VG.
  • Wizard Adapter: Wizard data is stored on Wizard Adapters. The player can install a Wizard to their Hunter-VG by inserting a Wizard Adapter into the Wizard slot.


The Hunter-VG has many features shared by the previous devices, such as communication and easy access to the Internet. The Hunter-VG can also create Real Waves just like the Star Carrier can create Matter Waves. This ability is applied for materializing Wizards; when the operator shouts out "Wizard On!", the Wizard can roam freely until the operator shouts "Wizard Off!" The device has a special type of lock. By unlocking the lock, the owner of the Hunter-VG will become allied to the Satella Police. The owner will then be registered under an organization called Project Transcode (also called Project-TC) where the owner of a Hunter-VG and a battle Wizard are legally allowed to perform EM Wave Change.


The Hunter-VG is a hand-held most of the time, but when the user Wave Changes, the user must attach the Hunter-VG to their arm, saying "Transcode,..." The Hunter-VG will say the ID of the Transcode, e.g., 003, and the user will say their codename at the name of the Wave Change e.g., Mega Man. When equipping the Hunter-VG, the emblem will turn sideways to serve as the EM Wave Change switch. This function, built into the Hunter-VG, suggests that the device was designed for EM Wave Changing, even though this has not been announced to the public.