Hyoroga, or Hyourouga (氷狼牙 lit. "Ice Wolf Fang"), is the special technique that Zero learns after defeating Blizzard Wolfang in Mega Man X6. When the player presses the JUMP button while holding UP on the D-pad, Zero performs a mighty leap and clings to the ceiling or platform. He can drop icicles and dash while on the ceiling. Shooting icicles will consume Weapon Energy, but Zero can still leap and air dash from the ceiling even without using any Weapon Energy. Zero can only stay on the ceiling for a limited time, in which case Zero falls back to the ground. It should be noted that if a ceiling is too high for Zero, he will still make the giant leap but will not gain footing up there.

Damage Data Chart

Damage values in units in Mega Man X6.

X6-Icon-Zero-Hyourouga.png Hyourouga
Boss Damage
Commander Yammark --:--
Ground Scaravich --:--
Blaze Heatnix 2:2
Blizzard Wolfang --:--
Rainy Turtloid --:--
Metal Shark Player --:--
Shield Sheldon --:--
Infinity Mijinion --:--
Nightmare Snake 4:5
Nightmare Pressure 4:3
Illumina --:--
High Max --:--
Dynamo --:--
Nightmare Mother --:--
High Max --:--
Gate 0:0
Sigma: 1st Phase --:--
Sigma: 2nd Phase --:--
  • For Hyoroga, in order to preform this technique, the boss or miniboss must be fought in an area with a ceiling or floating platforms, otherwise it will be impossible for Zero to use it.
    • For damage values, the first number is damage inflicted from the slash of Zero's Saber while on the ceiling; the second number is damage from the icicles created after the slash.


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  • This technique is supposed to be Rainy Turtloid's weakness (as a counterpart to Ice Burst); however, it cannot actually be used against him, as the room's ceiling is too high for Zero to reach.