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Armor Armarge HL, the first in the series of Hyper Limited Reploids.

The Hyper Limited (ハイパーリミテッド) is a new, enhanced version of Limited introduced in Rockman X Mega Mission 3.


Hyper Limited are evolved versions of normal Limit Reploids, they have enhanced abilities to surpass those of normal Reploids. They are also highly resistant, as X has much difficulty fighting them due to even their weaknesses being ineffective to them.[1]

No longer restricted to latching onto Reploids, the Hyper Limited are able to control Mechaniloids from a distance with Limited Fields (リミテッドフィールド)[2] Hyper Limited has unmeasurable HP, however.


Rockman X Mega Mission 3

Hyper Limited does not factor as much in the third Mega Mission aside from the Limited field cast by the Hyper Limited Mavericks posing as the vigilante group the "Masquerades", and Return X, having survived from a his previous defeat through his intense determination to defeat X, his core having survived and allowed him to regenerate himself. When Enemice-HL uses the Sigma Chip and becomes Sigma Limited, Return X merges with X and Zero to give them armor, later transferring his full power to X once Zero is defeated by the revived Sigma clone. X then uses a Double X-Buster attack against Sigma L, completely eradicating him, but at the cost of nearly expending all of his own energy, forcing Return X to channel his own body into energy for X to fire. After the battle is over, the All X Armor granted to him by Return X's merger with dissolves from him and Return X is presumed dead, never being heard from again, Although X believes he is still out there, getting a premonition of Return X regenerating, holding the Sigma Chip in his hand claiming he will bide his time, regenerating himself until he is ready to challenge X again.

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