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"Oh, life can be so difficult, but there is a way to find happiness. Relax. Listen to my voice. Let the glitter ease your troubled mind."
—Hypno Woman, Videodrone

Hypno Woman is a robot appearing in Mega Man: Fully Charged. She does not have a counterpart in the games. She debuts in the episode Videodrone, and is voiced by Kathleen Barr, who also voices Blasto Woman. She was originally a guidance counselor at Aki's school until she she felt overwhelmed by solving everyone's problems and settled on an easier solution: Hypnotizing everyone to being absolutely happy and stop them from thinking at all.


Hypno Woman is a thin humanoid robot with red-orange hair, golden eyes, gray skin, and a silver, yellow, and indigo color scheme. When attacking, her dress and wing patterns change to resemble hypnotic swirls.


Hypno Woman's unfoldable wings allow her to fly, and she can disguise her appearance to that of a human woman to further her schemes. She can also brainwash people with a hypnotic cell phone app, and uses hypnotic projectile weapons that resemble emojis, though they can't affect Rush. In A Bot and His Dog, she claims to be able to erase the minds of people she controls.



  • In the episode Tripping the Light Fantastic, she disguises herself as a human named Mari. This might be a reference to Ms. Mari and Ms. Yuri, from the Battle Network series. Both work as teachers, and Ms. Yuri in particular was secretly a villain in the games; while in the NT Warrior anime, she would sometimes impersonate Ms. Mari.