An Ice Block from Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge.

Ice is one of many hazards in the Mega Man games. It mainly serves to make navigating an area more difficult. Fittingly, ice is almost always found in the levels populated by cold-themed bosses.

Mega Man

Iced surfaces make it hard for the player to start, stop and change direction. Usually, patches of ice are followed by deadly traps such as bottomless pits or spikes. Jumping negates all horizontal velocity (in most cases), which allows the player to regain a foothold.

In Mega Man Powered Up, a comical slipping animation is used when the player stops moving (letting go of the D-Pad) or sharply turns a corner. Ice Man does not slip on ice.

Mega Man X, Mega Man Zero, Mega Man ZX


Ice surfaces have similar characteristics to the original Mega Man series, but if there is ice on the walls, the player won't be able to slide down the walls and perform the wall kick. Also, a player is unable to stop or even stand still on an iced slope. Spike custom chips enable the player to navigate icy floors normally.

Mega Man Legends

Ice surfaces have similar characteristics to the original series. However, with Mega Man Volnutt's weaker jump, more time is required on the ground, making this a more irritating hazard.

Mega Man Battle Network, Mega Man Star Force

Ice is usually referred to as an ice panel in this game series. If the player steps on one, he will be sent in the direction he was headed when he stepped on the panel, until he collides with an object, enemy or the end of his field. There are several accessories in the games that can nullify this sliding effect.

Additionally, if the player is standing on an ice panel and is hit by a water elemental attack, the player will be frozen briefly. Enemies are also affected and can be frozen too. A frozen player is more vulnerable to breaking type battle chips. Also, electric-element chips deal double damage to both the player and enemy on said panels.

In Mega Man Battle Network, ice serves as an overworld hazard that makes the player unable to stop or change directions.

In Mega Man Star Force, ice has no slipping effect in the overworld, but if stood too long on, the player will freeze and take damage.

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