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Ice Ice Baby!
MegaMan NT Warrior episode 6 (43)
Air date April 8, 2002 (Japan)
November 24, 2004 (America)
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Opening Theme Rockman no Theme - Kaze wo Tsukinukete
Ending Theme Piece of Peace

Ice Ice Baby!, known as Subzero Brawl! (零下の熱闘! Reika no Nettō!) in Japan, is the 6th episode of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime. In the English dub it is the 43th episode of the season. In Japan, this episode features the debut of Tory Froid, IceMan, and Seiji Froid.


The episode starts off with Lan, Dex and Maylu leaving school, discussing their afternoon plans when Tory runs past them and bumps into Lan. Tory apologizes and keeps running, not knowing he dropped a Waterworks access card. Lan and co. pick it up, and after talking about Tory, decide to give it back. Meanwhile Tory goes to a car driven by Maddy where she promises he can see his father (Dr. Froid) if he does as she says.

That night, the Waterworks are hacked and all the water in DenTech City is shut off. Many people including Lan are stuck waiting in line for water. The SG supermarket has sold out and Maysa yells at an employee to the charging of Lan and company.

Lan, Maylu and Dex go to Yai's house which has large reserves of fresh water. They discuss investigating the event which requires a Level 7 security licence. Luckily Glide has one due to her dad's money. He Jacks-in to the Waterworks network where he finds it frozen in ice. He then disappears with a horrified scream. The others realize he might be in danger so Yai opens up tubes in her tree house and moves them all to her high tech limo on their couches. The limo then drives extremely quickly to the Waterworks.

Going around a riot at the building, Lan and co. go downstairs by elevator where a security droid awaits them. They are terrified, but calm once they realize that it is off. Dex hits it for scaring him, which turns the robot on. They run but Lan gets caught by the robot. Thankfully Dex jacked in and turned it off again.

MegaMan finds Glide and the network frozen but is suddenly attacked by IceMan.EXE. IceMan tries to freeze MegaMan and then tries to beat him by using Sword but MegaMan easily defeats him and asks him to fix everything. But WackoMan.EXE shows up and holds the frozen Glide hostage. MegaMan hesitates and IceMan takes the chance to freeze him. Dex tries to jack GutsMan in but this causes the security droid to attack again. Lan temporarily stops it by putting rods in its path but with taunting by Lan, the robot grows irritated and runs through he obstacles. But with the card key Tory dropped earlier they enter a room the droid can't which leads it to give up and shut down. Inside they find a tied up Dr. Froid. After freeing him, he deals with the security droid and tells them that the bacteria that purify the water are starting to die which could lead to no water for weeks.

They split up into two teams: Dr. Froid, Dex and Lan who are trying to restore the water supply and Yai and Maylu who are trying to help Tory. Meanwhile Tory had enough and ordered IceMan to unfreeze the water supply but Maddy orders WackoMan to delete IceMan and then locks Tory in. Dr. Froid, Lan and Dex open the water valves manually by turning the switches while Yai and Maylu find Tory. IceMan attacks WackoMan but WackoMan creates illusions causing his attacks to miss and giving WackoMan the chance to hit IceMan. Dr. Froid, Lan and Dex open the final valve causing the waterworks to unfreeze. IceMan frees MegaMan from ice and WackoMan attacks them together with fire and ice spitting dummies. IceMan and MegaMan are exhausted but Lan sends MegaMan Blaster to destroy the dummies, then ElecSword to finish off WackoMan. WackoMan and IceMan then log out. Dr. Froid gets to reunite with Tory who apologizes. IceMan and Tory then become a part of their team.


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Dubbing changes

Some scenes were changed in the English dub. This was likely done to get a universal (U) rating.

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