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"There's something dangerous up ahead, sir! Oh? Freeze it at all costs, soldier!"
―Ice Man, Mega Man Powered Up
"Um... I didn't quite catch the last part, sir... A good soldier always stays cool in battle!"
―Ice Man, Mega Man Powered Up
"Can you see me, everyone?"
―Ice Man, Mega Man & Bass

Ice Man (アイスマン Aisuman) is a Robot Master from the original Mega Man . He was created by Dr. Light to perform human-like tasks under extreme climate conditions. This can be done due to the fact he is impervious to chilling sub-zero temperatures. Ice Man is also capable of functioning in hot environments, though he is less powerful there. His Special Weapon is the Ice Slasher, a sharp ice blade launched from his mouth that can freeze anything with its temperature of 200 degrees below zero. Freeze Man greatly respects him.

Physical appearance

Ice Man is a small Inuit-like robot with big green eyes and a plain face. His eyes' outlines slightly resemble round glasses. He sports a sky blue suit with a hood surrounded by white fluff, white gloves, a white belt and white boots.


Ice Man has been known to love showing off for crowds of people and can be known to be sometimes very self-centered, but cares deeply for his friends. As his name implies, he loves participating in activities revolving around snow, like snowball fights. Ice Man has been known to have a dislike of heat-related things, such as sauna baths and Fire Storm (ironic, seeing as his weapon is Fire Man's weakness and not the other way around).

Video game appearances

Mega Man

Dr. Wily reprogrammed Ice Man and Dr. Light's other industrial robots to help him conquer the world, and Ice Man appears as a boss and is defeated by Mega Man. He is weak to Elec Man's Thunder Beam.


Ice Man will start the fight by going to the right corner and jumping up. He will then shoot three Ice Slashers: one up, one in the middle and one while landed. Jump over them carefully (Mega Man will lose 10 health points if he is hit by one). When he lands, he will immediately jump and fire Ice Slashers but mirroring the previous formation. He will then slide towards Mega Man. When he starts getting pretty close, and after doing the pattern again, he will slide away from Mega Man. He will repeat this pattern then over and over. Bear in mind that Ice Man's Ice Slashers get faster as the fight drags on, so it's recommended that he is finished off as fast as possible.

Mega Man Powered Up

In Mega Man Powered Up, Ice Man appears to have two personae, referring to himself as a soldier (in the first person) and as a commander (in the third person). He is often scared when others show up, prompting his commander persona to have him attack. Nothing about his mental state is mentioned in the manual, however, so it's reasonable to assume he is adopting the commander persona as an imaginary friend rather than a split personality.

Like the original game, Ice Man is a boss that attacks with his Ice Slasher. In Easy, Ice Man will only fire a couple of Ice Slashers at a time while firing three Ice Slashers per round in the other difficulties in the same way as his original counterpart in the first Mega Man game. One notable difference of this attack between the first Mega Man game and Powered Up is that the Ice Slashers are spread out slightly longer in the latter, making it easier to avoid them. In New Style, Ice Man can also shoot the three Ice Slashers while on the ground and will randomly alternate between the three attack patterns. In Hard and Old Style, Ice Man's Ice Slasher projectiles move faster as his health decreases like in the first Mega Man game.

In Normal and Hard, Ice Man also has an additional attack where he makes icicles fall. These icicles block all attacks except the Ice Slasher (from both Ice Man and the player) but the player can also jump and stand on them. In Normal difficulty, this new attack is used when his life is below half-full and only drops one icicle, and in Hard he can use it anytime and the attack drops multiple icicles that cover most of the floor, except the walls and where Ice Man is standing. Icicles remain on the floor for a short while before they disappear by sinking into the floor.

Ice Man is weak to Bomb Man's Hyper Bomb (which can also destroy the icicles if the bombs explode near them), but if Mega Man defeats him using only the Mega Buster, he becomes a playable character.

As a playable character, Ice Man can use his Ice Slasher to briefly turn his enemies into frozen blocks. He can then use these blocks as an extra foothold to get to places that other characters cannot reach. In addition to this, Ice Man does not slip on the ice blocks in his stage.

Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge

Ice Man appears as one of the first four bosses. He acts similar to his appearance in the first Mega Man game, but the number of times he uses Ice Slasher per attack was reduced to four.

Mega Man: The Power Battle

Ice Man is one of the six bosses from the Mega Man 1~2 course. The theme that plays when fighting him is a remix of Freeze Man's stage theme.

Besides his Ice Slasher attack pattern from the first game, Ice Man also attacks by using Ice Slasher several times without jumping or by creating clouds that drop snowflakes that can freeze the player's character. He is weak to Guts Man's Super Arm.

He makes a cameo when fighting Freeze Man, seen on top of the Moby in the background.

Mega Man's Soccer

Ice Man is one of the fastest players from the game, alongside Gemini Man and Dr. Wily, but he has the lowest Tackle and Defense. Ice Man doesn't have his own team, but he is a member of seven teams in Tournament mode and the Mega Man and Cut Man teams in League mode.

Mega Man: Battle & Chase

Ice Man wants to go on a vacation in the South Pole, so he enters the competition to obtain money. His vehicle is Cool Mobile. In his ending, Ice Man makes an ice sculpture of him with Roll, hinting that he has affection for her.

Cool Mobile
Cool Mobile (クールモービル Kūru Mōbiru)
Game description
This machine is cool. It can drop ice blocks or freeze the opponent.
Maximum speed
480 km/h (in plain terrains)
Parts Game description
Body Polar Body
("Southern Cross Body" in Japan)
This generates ice pillars, and can freeze other cars with the "Ice Slasher".
Engine Aurora Engine Gives you above average top speed. It also has very powerful brakes.
Wing Blizzard Wing Enables you to maneuver in the air. It also enhances suspension ability.
Tire Non-Slip Tire You won't slip, even on the frozen ground.

Losing quotes:

  • I'll pay you back double for this insult!
  • I'm not going to go home and cry...yet!

Yamato Man

Super Adventure Rockman

Ice Man and the other Right Numbers from the first game assist Rockman. However, Ice Man is the only of the six Numbers to not appear in a scene to save Rockman when he is defeated by a boss, only appearing briefly in the beginning and ending of the game.

Chokkan! Rockman

Ice Man has a short appearance in his mini-game, Item on Ice (アイテムonアイス). In the beginning, Ice Man runs from Rockman, and Rockman must dodge falling objects while taking items. After completing the mini-game, Ice Man appears again and is destroyed by one of the falling objects.

Rockman Strategy

Ice Man is featured in the game Rockman Strategy, appearing first in Taurus' stage alongside Frost Man. He subsequently joins Guts Man and Cloud Man in holding Duo hostage, only to be defeated by Rockman's team.

Rockman Go Go!

Ice Man is an unlockable playable character.

Rockman ×over

Ice Man is one of the bosses from World 3. He also appears in some Battle Memory.

Yamato Spear

Cameo appearances


Mega Man & Bass CD data

Ice Man CD data card

Rockman Complete Works data


Translation: A robot built for Antarctic exploration. Make use of the height of your jumps to avoid Ice Slasher.

Rockman Battle & Fighters data


Translation: He was a robot that was transporting cargo in a frozen warehouse, and was originally developed as an exploration robot for Antarctica. He may look weak, but he is quite a formidable opponent. His special weapon is Ice Slasher.

Stage enemies

Concept art of Ice Man's stage.

Main article: Ice Man's Stage

List of enemies in Ice Man's stage:

List of enemies in Ice Man's (Game Boy) stage:

Damage data chart

Displays the amount of damage in units that Ice Man will receive from each special weapon from the original Mega Man.

Mega Man
Mega Buster Rolling Cutter Super Arm Ice Slasher Hyper Bomb Fire Storm Thunder Beam
1 2 0 0 4 1 10

Other media

Ice Man in the Mega Man animated series.

Mega Man (Ruby-Spears)

"And with Mr. Zero's super freeze formula, Dr. Wily will make me the COOLEST guy in the world!"
―Ice Man, Ice Age

Ice Man makes his first appearance in the episode The Beginning, but he doesn't actually speak.

He reappears in the episode Ice Age alongside Air Man in a plot to freeze the entire city. Here, he has a major role and is depicted as being one of the more powerful Robot Masters, defeating Mega Man, Roll and Rush at least three times over the course of the episode.

He is eventually tricked into fighting against Dr. Wily when Dr. Light convinces him that Wily has betrayed him and replaced him with Air Man. This prompts him to plan a revenge attack against the evil doctor, by taking command of a group of powerful "Ice Bots" provided by Dr. Light.

Ice Man was the first Robot Master besides Cut Man and Guts Man to appear in more than one episode.

Mega Man: Fully Charged

Ice Man in Mega Man: Fully Charged

Ice Man appears in Mega Man: Fully Charged among the rest of the Robot Masters fought by Mega Man. Unlike most other Robot Masters, he is not a recruit of Sergeant Breaker Night. Instead, he wants to be a hero and do the right thing, which puts him at odds with Mega Man when his attempts go awry.

This version of Ice Man lacks his signature parka hoodie, being replaced with a blue santa hat, and now has visible hair. He is noted to have a more simplistic AI compared to other Robot Masters. As such, he takes things very literally and his morality is more black-and-white, unable to understand things like metaphors or the reasoning behind actions.

Captain N: The Game Master

Ice Man from Captain N: The Game Master.

Ice Man appears in the fifth episode, "Mega Trouble in Megaland", along with the other original five Robot Masters, working as a subordinate to Cuts Man. Unlike some of his fellow Robot Masters, he does bear a resemblance to his original counterpart, maintaining his usual blue parka and white boots. However, he has a cyan and much more robotic-looking face and cuboid body, and fights against the heroes using a handheld pistol that can fire either a freezing beam or sharp icicles that can be used as projectiles or form makeshift barricades. Interestingly, he resembles the DC Comics Supervillain Captain Cold.

Ice Man is also referenced in passing during the episode "Nightmare on Mother Brain's Street", where Mega Man mentions that his worst nightmare is of being frozen solid by him.

Ice Man, along with the other six Robot Masters, appeared in the clip show episode "When Mother Brain Rules".

Mega Man (Archie Comics)

Main article: Ice Man/Archie Comics

Mega Man Megamix

Ice Man was originally created by Dr. Light to scout the continent of Antarctica, but having finished his mission there, Ice Man returned and is now working in a large cold storage warehouse. In order to function in harsh environments and extremely cold temperatures, Ice Man's internal circuits are made up of the smallest components available. These small components allow Ice Man to function with the least amount of energy possible, and they are also the reason for his physical form being smaller than usual. The only disadvantage of using these smaller components is their hyperconductivity, and a strong electrical surge like Elec Man's Thunder Beam will easily incapacitate him. Despite his small stature, Ice Man is quite effective in combat.

When Dr. Wily reprogrammed Dr. Light's six robots and tries to conquer the world in The Birth of Mega Man, Mega Man fights against Ice Man inside Wily's mobile fortress, stopping him with Thunder Beam. Ice Man is later repaired by Dr. Light and he helps to stop the fortress. In R Destruction Order, it was decided that the six robots should be destroyed, but Wood Man saves them and convinces Ice Man and Elec Man to join Dr. Wily. However, they actually wanted to find Dr. Wily and knock out Wood Man inside Wily's base. Ice Man freezes Dr. Wily's control panel to stop him from launching more rockets. In the original version of the story from Rockman Remix, he also freezes Reggae.

Ice Man also appears in Mega Man Gigamix, where he participates in the Battle & Chase competition, after which he learns of Freeze Man's great adoration for him, which ultimately leaves him deeply uncomfortable. Ice Man later states that Freeze Man's discomforting emails have gotten so frequent, that he began deleting them without reading them, until he found it strange that they had stopped coming due to Duo's attack on Wily's fortress.


Ice Man took over a resort and made several hostages. Mega Man infiltrates the area to save them and Ice Man does a surprise attack by freezing him. However, Mega Man melts the ice and defeats Ice Man with Thunder Beam. He later reappears inside Dr. Wily's hideout, but is quickly defeated with Thunder Beam.

Rockman World

Dr. Wily takes control of Ice Man, Cut Man, Fire Man, Elec Man and other robots to help him conquer the world, and the assistant robot Rock asks Dr. Light to modify him for combat so he can stop them. Rock becomes Mega Man and manages to destroy most of the rampaging robots, angering Wily, who sends Ice Man and the other three robots to stop him. At first they have numeric advantage over him, but Mega Man hides in a building and they split to find him. Mega Man defeats one at a time, each fight being easier with the Special Weapons he obtained, Ice Man being the last to go down.

Rockman Battle & Chase

Ice Man, alongside Blizzard Man and Chill Penguin, entered the Battle & Chase competition so they could use the prize money to return to Antarctica. Ice Man is hit by Napalm Bomb during the race and is severely injured, Mega Man and Blizzard Man stopping to assist him. Seeing the scene, Shadow Man decides to help them by taking water from his radiator to Ice Man, saving him and becoming their friend.

Other appearances

Ice Man appears in the manga Rockman wo Tsukutta Otokotachi - Rockman Tanjou Densetsu, Rockman 4Koma Dai Koushin, and Rock'n Game Boy.



Magazine featuring Ice Man in Mega Man Legends 2.

  • Ice Man shares his name with a Marvel X-Men character.
  • Ice Man's weakness to the Thunder Beam is ironic, considering ice is much less conductive than water, regardless of the water's previous purity (since pure water itself doesn't conduct the electricity, but the minerals it might have do conduct it).
  • Ice Man's quote in Mega Man Powered Up, "I don't l-like to be shocked, sir!" might be a reference to his weakness in the original Mega Man, the Thunder Beam.
  • Ice Man is the only Robot Master in the original Mega Man to have green eyes.
    • Although Ice Man has green eyes, his Mega Man Powered Up artwork and Rockman ×over sprite depicts him with blue eyes.
    • He is also the only member of the original six robot masters to not have red as part of his color scheme.
  • Ice Man is one of three ice-themed Robot Masters to have a weapon which is effective on a fire Robot Master, the others being Cold Man and Tundra Man.
  • In Mega Man: The Power Battle, Ice Man's theme is a remix of Freeze Man's theme.
  • In the cartoon show's intro, Mega Man defeats Ice Man with Fire Storm in one hit. This also occurs in the commercial for Rockman on Famicom, where Mega Man also defeats Ice Man with Fire Storm, thus, contradicting his actual weakness in the game.
    • This may be a reference to how fire is able to melt ice in real life. However, the reason Ice Slasher is Fire Man's weakness in Mega Man remains unknown.
  • Ice Man is the first robot master to have a mental illness, displaying symptoms that are commonly associated with individuals possessing Dissociative Identity Disorder - however, this trait is only seen in Mega Man Powered Up.
  • Ice Man is the shortest Robot Master in the Classic series.