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This page is about the original Ice Man. For his NetNavi counterpart, see IceMan.EXE.
"There's something dangerous up ahead, sir! Oh? Freeze it at all costs, soldier!"
―Ice Man, Mega Man Powered Up

Ice Man (アイスマン Aisuman) is one of the first six (eight in Mega Man Powered Up) Robot Masters from the original Mega Man series. He was built by Dr. Light to perform human-like tasks under extreme climate conditions. This can be done due to the fact he is impervious to chilling sub-zero temperatures. Contrary to popular belief, he is capable of functioning in hot environments, though he is less powerful there.

In Mega Man Powered Up he has a split personality, referring to himself as a soldier (in the first person) and as a commander (in the third person). As a playable character, Ice Man can use his Ice Slasher to briefly turn his enemies into frozen blocks. He can then use these blocks as an extra foothold to get to places that other characters cannot reach. In addition to this, Ice Man does not slip on the ice blocks in his stage.

Ice Man is one of the two ice Robot Masters to have a weapon which is effective on a fire Robot Master (the other being Cold Man). Freeze Man greatly respects him, likely for this reason.


Mega Man: Battle & Chase

  • Vehicle: Cool Mobile
  • Body: Polar Body ("Southern Cross Body" in Japan)
  • Engine: Aurora Engine
  • Wing: Blizzard Wing
  • Tire: Non-Slip Tire

Mega Man & Bass CD data


Rockman Battle & Fighters data


Translation (approximate): A robot working in a cold storage warehouse carrying luggage, was originally created as a Antarctica exploration robot. He looks pretty weak but is formidable. Special weapon is Ice Slasher.

Stage enemies

List of enemies in Ice Man's stage:

List of enemies in Ice Man's (Game Boy) stage:

Damage Data Chart

Displays the amount of damage in units that Ice Man will receive from each special weapon from the original Mega Man.

Mega Man
Arm Cannon Rolling Cutter Super Arm Ice Slasher Hyper Bomb Fire Storm Thunder Beam
1 2 0 0 5 1 10

Other Media

Mega Man (Ruby-Spears)

Ice Man makes his first appearance in episode 1 of the Mega Man cartoon show, but he doesn't actually speak. He reappears in episode 7, "Ice Age," alongside Air Man in a plot to freeze the entire city. Here, he has a major role, defeating Mega Man, Roll and Rush at least three times across the course of the episode.

He is eventually tricked into fighting against Dr. Wily when Dr. Light convinces him that Wily has betrayed him and replaced him with Air Man. This prompts him to plan a revenge attack against the evil doctor by taking command of a group of powerful "Ice Bots" in episode 7.



  • Ice Man was the first ice-themed Robot Master, a theme that did not reappear until Mega Man 6 with Blizzard Man.
  • Ice Man is the only Robot Master of the six that are fought in Mega Man to have green eyes.
  • While Hyper Bomb is Ice Man's weakness in Mega Man Powered Up and not in the original NES game, it can still do a considerate amount of damage to him in Mega Man.
  • In the cartoon show's intro, Mega Man defeats Ice Man with Fire Storm in one hit. Another irony even occurs in the commercial for Rockman on Famicom, where Mega Man also defeats Ice Man with Fire Storm, thus, contradicting his actual weakness in the game.
  • Although Ice Man has green eyes, his Mega Man: Powered Up artwork depicts him with blue eyes.

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