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Illumina (ビッグ・ジ・イルミナ Biggu ji Irumina, roughly "Big D/G/the Illumina") is a giant Reploid sub-boss from Mega Man X6. The project for Illumina's construction was suspended before the game, but Infinity Mijinion proceeded with its construction during Mega Man X6. Illumina came under the influence of the Nightmare. When X or Zero enter the Weapons Facility, they are attacked by Illumina, forcing the Maverick Hunters to destroy the giant Reploid.


There are two large cables with lens on them sending energy to Illumina, these are its only weak spots. Using the Meteor Rain or Ensuizan will interrupt its attacks and make the battle a lot easier. Illumina attacks from the background by shooting large yellow energy balls from its eyes, and fires faster when the player reaches the first cable. After destroying the cable, Illumina's head floats and uses a red aiming laser from its eyes that homes in on the player so that three Hover Gunner-like robots can fire on them. When the player reaches the second cable, Illumina's head returns to its body and the three robots leave, laser-firing machines will then appear on each sides of the screen. When the second cable is destroyed, Illumina collapses. Illumina's remains can be seen in the background of the boss room.



  • Infinity Mijinion refers to Illumina as female, consistently using female pronouns. Whilst Illumina does not have any female features, it is never otherwise stated what gender Illumina is meant to be.

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