Inami Temple (イナミテンプル Inami Tenpuru) is Rainy Turtloid's stage in Mega Man X6. It is a Japanese-styled ancient temple that, despite its name, is geographically situated around the Galápagos Islands.[1]


Inami Temple is a Japanese-styled ancient temple that expands a large deal of land. Its building structures are hence designed in mind with a futuristic take on ancient Japanese architecture, adorned with flying eaves on the roofs, giving them an upwards-curved shape. Its main layabout appears however to take place in its gardens, whose ponds and pools are tainted with polluted water, and features large trees whose root systems are big enough to enter.

Upon the impact of the Eurasia Incident, the aftermath of the colony's impact greatly damaged its structures and infrastructure, and with the adversely resultant weather conditions, threatens to destroy important historic and cultural artifacts. Due to the immediate need of ensuring livable environmental conditions and the restoration of the land to its proper state, these priorities have diverted the Reploid workforce's efforts away from salvaging places of cultural importance, and along with the Nightmare Phenomenon grievously affecting Reploids, further places Inami Temple's contents at peril. X is placed on a mission here to locate Rainy Turtloid, and is further driven to end the Nightmare Phenomenon for the restoration of civilization in response to the lack of immediate action given to significant places like Inami Temple by its viral outbreak.

The stage is occasionally subject to Nightmare Rain, a dangerous acid rain that slowly drains health. In these sections, one must find the four machines powering the shield of the main machine at the end of the section, which both stops the rain and opens the way to the rest of the level. This occurs four times throughout the stage. If Nightmare Phenomenon is also present, Nightmare Dark and Mirrors will hinder progress.



  • Life Up: In the final rain area, instead of heading to the bottom of the room, the spiky alcove in the middle of the three on the left will have the Life Up. Can be reached with a careful Air Dash, but the Shadow Armor makes it easy.
  • Shadow Armor's Body Program: In the same area, head to the spiky alcove on the top right of the room. The best way to get through is with Air Dash, since Shadow Armor is not available until the player collects this capsule.


  • When written as 井波 in kanji, Inami means "water wave from a well" in Japanese. Moreover, different characters are 井南 "south of a well", 稲見 "see a rice field", and others.


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