"Come forth and meet your destruction!"
―Incentas, Mega Man X: Command Mission

Incentas (エンシェンタス Enshentasu) is a six-armed boss in the game Mega Man X: Command Mission. He is able to switch elemental properties when the situation calls for it.


Incentas has an appearance inspired by a genie and possesses three faces connected by one rotating head. His six hands float around him, disconnected from his body. His torso is composed of energy, which corresponds to the elemental alignment he is utilizing. He has three distinct forms, which his body adapts to during battle:

  • Burning Genie Incentas "Ra Head": Incentas dons a red and green color scheme with a purple collar, and a body composed of fire. Attacks are fire based in this mode. This is his default form in battle.
  • Lightning Genie Incentas "Jade Head": Incentas' color scheme turns yellow and sky blue with a red collar in this mode. His body is composed of electricity and attacks become lightning based.
  • Dancing Genie Incentas "Baron Head": Incentas turns blue and purple with a teal collar, and begins to dance. His body is composed of water and attacks are water based in this mode.

As Incentas does not appear for very long, his personality is not expanded upon. However, it is a reasonable assumption that he thinks highly of himself. He was amused and excited when the heroes fell into his trap, and he was not afraid to throw his life away in order to defeat them. He seems to know quite a bit about Supra-Force Metal since his ally in the same area, Shadow, was using it; Incentas also implies before battle that he became stronger than Shadow due to using more of the mineral than him.


Mega Man X: Command Mission

X and his allies went to Gimialla Mine looking for Supra-Force Metal, but it was actually a trap. Once they reached the lab, Incentas barred the door behind them, trapping them inside. After a strenuous fight, Incentas sets off the self-destruct mechanism for the lab. As he was about to teleport out Spider tackles him from the side, pushing him against the door. Figuring that the combined explosion of two Reploids would blow the door open, Spider seemingly "sacrifices" himself so that X and the others could escape. Incentas was obliterated in the resulting explosion.

Stats and Abilities

First Encounter at Gimialla Mine

Second Encounter at Far East HQ


Pre-battle dialogue with Incentas

??? (Incentas): So you've made it here.

??? (Incentas): Not even Shadow could manage to slow you down, eh? I guess even with the Supra-Force Metal that the Commander gave him, he is, after all, just a Maverick Hunter who defected to our side.

Spider: Hey, isn't this the Rebellion Army lab?

??? (Incentas): Fools! You've fallen right in my trap. Behold! I am Incentas!

Spider: A trap?

Incentas: Yes! There isn't a scrap of Supra-Force Metal to be found here. It was all misinformation, designed to lure you Resistance cronies in!

(An electric barrier is erected behind them.)

Incentas: You're trapped like mice in a cage. No other Reploid has the ability to warp into this structure apart from yours truly.

Zero: Incentas, you really think we're going to lie down and surrender?

Incentas: The amount of Supra-Force Metal I've applied makes Shadow pale in comparison! Come forth and meet your destruction!

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Production Notes

Illustrator Comments
"Initially, Incentas only had four fingers on each hand, but I got a sudden phone call saying, 'We want you to put five fingers on each hand!' I couldn't believe it. Did they know how many hands this guy has!?" -Ryuji Higurashi [2]


  • In the official artwork and cutscenes, Incentas appears to be a mixture of his elemental forms - he possesses the fiery body and yellow head from Burning Genie mode, but the yellow and blue limbs of Lightning Genie mode. It is possible that these artwork/cutscene colors for Incentas are his default colors, while Incentas only uses his separate color schemes in combat.
  • Incentas' name was translated as Ancientus in the Mega Man X: Command Mission E3 demo.[3]
    • Incentas is referred to in concept art as Louid Incentas (ルイード・エンシェンタス).


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