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Dr. Doppler and the Incept Chasers

The Incept Chasers (インセプトチェイサー) are two creations of Dr. Doppler that work for him in Rockman X Mega Mission.

  • Curtiss (カーチス): Curtiss is a large Maverick that is in charge of recovering the Limited who had gathered data on X. His main weapon are two giant boomerangs kept in his waist. After recovering three Limited from the bodies of the first four Limit Reploids, Doppler orders him to take X's Limited-fused buster. Curtiss fights against X and is defeated, and starts talking about what is happening to X. His partner Schmitt killed Curtiss before he could reveal too much about Doppler's plans. He doesn't have a chance to use his boomerangs in the manga. He has 2000 HP.
  • Schmitt (シュミット): Schmitt is a fast Maverick that attacks with powerful karate chops. He tracks Limited and observes its evolution. When X and Zero went to Doppler's factory and defeat the remaining four Limit Reploids, Schmitt attacked them. He knocks down Zero, but is injured by X's Clear High Buster and escapes to recover with the Mother Limited. However, the Mother Limited absorbs Schmitt instead, using his body to create a new Reploid, iX. In the manga Doppler used him to power the Mother Limited. He has 1800 HP.