The Inspector (警部) is the first person from Mega Man Legends that Mega Man Volnutt meets on Kattelox Island. The Inspector investigates when the Flutter crash lands to make sure that everyone is alright. He is the head of the Kattelox police and tries to fight on the Bonne air pirates when they attack the island, but the police stand no chance against them. Luckily for the Inspector, Mega Man was there to stop the pirates.

In the police station, the inspector also asks MegaMan to help him in two optional missions, which are finding three bombs in Downtown before they explode and finding a man's bag of money. Mega Man can also help him chase a car with two Servbots that stole money from the bank. After getting the money back Mega Man can either choose to give the money to the inspector, who will return it to the bank, or keep it by leaving Downtown, which will make Mega Man's armor black.

In the game's ending, the inspector appears to say good bye for Mega Man. If his missions were completed, he says he is planning on starting a new training program so his men will be able to protect the island even without Mega Man, and that if the Flutter ever have engine trouble again, he can feel free to crash-land on Kattelox Island anytime.

Other media

The Inspector in the Mega Man comic.

  • The Inspector has a cameo appearance in the first issue of the Mega Man comic book series. He is barely visible due to a speech balloon being in front of him, but he can been seen here. He also has a brief cameo in other issues, like the story "The X-Factor: Part 2" from Mega Man #35, where he was seen investigating a Maverick incident near a crosswalk that resulted in a fatality, and during the chaos in the federal prison in Mega Man #50.

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