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Iris -another-[1], known as Iris Integrated (渾然たるアイリス Konzentaru Airisu) in Japan, is a character in Rockman X DiVE. She is the manifestation of what the combined programs of Iris and Colonel would be, possessing the body of Iris and the personality of both. She has introduced herself as Iris, the Honorable Sword of Justice (アイリス、誇り高い正義の剣 Airisu, Hokori Takai Seigi no Tsurugi) and is also referred as Iris(?) (アイリス? Airisu?) by General.



Iris -another- shares some of her basic physique with Iris, but the appearance and height is quite different as the basic torso of Iris -another- is the same with Iris while the limbs are those of Colonel.[2] Additionally, Iris -another- features a high ponytail hairstyle and does not wear a beret. She also wears a military coat like Colonel instead of a skirt. Much like Colonel, Iris -another- carries a Laser Sword that resembles a swept hilt rapier as her main weapon.


Iris -another- is a hot-headed soldier with pride. Compared to Iris, Iris -another- is more outspoken and uninhibited, as noted by RiCO.


As a combination of Iris and Colonel, Iris -another- is capable of using lightning skills and guarding like Colonel. Like other Hunter Programs, Iris -another- can use two active skills:

  • Lightning Flash, known as Jinrai Gōsen (迅雷豪閃 "Thunderbolt Extreme Flash") in Japan
Iris -another- performs a forward thrust with her Laser Sword as a blade of pinkish white lightning that reaches nearly the other side of screen.
  • Counter Stance, known as Fumetsu no Kamae (不滅之構 "Posture of Indestructible") in Japan
Iris -another- performs a guarding stance that protecting her from any damage. With Passive Skill unlocked, her HP can be recovered for a certain amount during this pose. Afterward, she can perform a wide-ranged slash.


Rockman X DiVE

See also: Iris§Creation and Colonel§Creation

In the world of "Deep Log", Iris and Colonel encountered a mysterious incident in Reploid Air Force Stage where they discovered "chipsets", a variant of Deep Element. Whenever the siblings got close to a "chipset", they would suddenly fall unconscious. Additionally, they would feel as if other memories have surged into their minds as Iris would feel something draw out her aggression and competitiveness, while Colonel would feel himself filled with love and peace. Unable to recover all the chipsets without facing such effects, the siblings ask the Player's help.

Iris -another- appears with General.

After the Player recovered all the chipsets and took them to to General's room for debriefing, General thanked the Player, RiCO, and ViA. He then explained to them about the chipset, which was in fact the crucial parts to complete the "Reploid with complete free will and thought process" (理想のレプリロイド Risō no Repuriroido "The Ideal Reploid").

Iris -another- then showed up in front of the Player and General was amazed to see her as the Ideal Reploid finally came true. ViA commented that Iris -another-' physique was based on Iris instead of Colonel, hence she might be less suited for combat. She then asked the Player for a fight as practice, but General ordered her to stand aside as he would fight the Player as an opportunity for her to witness the true power of the Player.

After the battle, General commented that from now on, Iris -another- could join the Player and fight as a comrade in order to protect peace in the world, in which she agreed.


  • Though the concept was previously established in Mega Man X4, Iris -another- is the fourth original character introduced in Rockman X DiVE after RiCO, ViA, and "the other RiCO" (albeit only her silhouette was shown in ViA's Deep Log Training at the time). She is also the second playable original character of the game after RiCO
  • According to the manga Rockman X4, it is implied that the design concept of Iris -another- is inspired from "the legendary Reploid"— Mega Man, a fighting robot that has a heart of love and peace.
  • During her stage clear animation, a purple ball of energy suddenly appears behind Iris -another-, after which she appears concerned and calls for either Colonel or Zero. It is unknown if this is in any way connected to Iris' original personality.
  • Despite the creative staff describing Iris -another- as having Iris' compassion, her dialogue from the "Trial from the Supreme Commander" cutscene implies she is instead actively seeking to fight, and her attitude implies she looks down upon others as weak.
  • Iris -another- abilities are those of Colonel's, however, her Lightning Flash share the same pose of Zero's Raijingeki, while her Counter Stance is similar to Zero's Gokumonken (when guarding), but her slash is similar to Colonel Teleportation Slash.
  • Iris -another- wields a military dress sword. This type of sword is usually worn by army officers to symbolize a certain rank.
  • Early concept designs of Iris -another- were much farther removed from the original Colonel and Iris designs, ranging from giving her an eyepatch over her right eye and a cape to giving her a more formal coat with a two-piece ponytail. The near-final concepts gave her Colonel-like body armor before being discarded for something closer to Iris' original torso design. A Colonel-like hat as well as his original sword were also applied to a few designs, but ultimately unused.



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