Iron Ball is the boss from the second Wily Tower stage in Mega Man: The Wily Wars. Iron Ball bounces around the room and stop at times to attack with two lasers that ricochet off of walls, similar to the Gemini Laser. It can only be damaged when its eyes are open. After losing half of its energy, damaging spikes appear all over its body, dropping Pengu Bomber-like bombs and move faster. It's weak to the electric weapons Thunder Beam and Spark Shock.

Damage Data Chart

Mega Man

Arm Cannon 1
Fire Storm 1
Hyper Bomb 2
Ice Slasher 1
Rolling Cutter 0
Super Arm -
Thunder Beam 4

Mega Man 2

Air Shooter 1
Atomic Fire 1/2/3
Bubble Lead 1
Crash Bomber 2
Leaf Shield 1
Metal Blade 0
Quick Boomerang 0
Time Stopper 0

Mega Man 3

Gemini Laser 1
Hard Knuckle 1
Magnet Missile 2
Needle Cannon 0
Search Snake 1
Shadow Blade 0
Spark Shock 4
Top Spin 0