Isaz and Sowilo (イーサ&ソウェル Īsa & Soweru) is a large, two-headed sphinx tank from Mega Man Xtreme 2, the second boss of the final stages. It inches forward trying to hit the player with its drill, leaving only a hovering platform to stand on, but Zero can push it away with his Z-Saber. The upper head releases three spheres from its mouth in the player's direction, and the lower head shoots a missile up that falls where the player was when released. There is very little room to dodge.


  • Their names possibly comes from the runes isaz (ᛁ) and sowilō (ᛊ), which means "ice" and "sun", respectively.
  • It has Sigma's symbol on its side, and the faces are similar to Sigma's face.
  • Īsa (イーサ) can also be translated as "Ether", but it doesn't match with Sowilo.
  • This boss may have been poorly coded as all the onscreen projectiles move with the tank while it's moving, when this wasn't the case with the game's other massive bosses such as Skullhead and Sigma Beast. This quirk can easily be seen with the falling missiles the lower head shoots upwards.

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