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Item Box in Super Adventure Rockman

An Item Box (アイテムボックス Aitemu Bokkusu) is an object that contains an item inside. Three different objects with the same name and function appear in Super Adventure Rockman, Mega Man X: Command Mission and the Mega Man Zero series.

Super Adventure Rockman

Item Boxes are blue boxes that Dr. Light send to the forest to support Mega Man and can be found by him throughout the game. They contain either Information Cards or Energy Tanks.

Mega Man X: Command Mission


Item Boxes in Mega Man X: Command Mission.

Item Boxes are crystal-like objects set in the floor which X can destroy with a dash to obtain its content. They have four color varieties that indicates what type of item is inside. Blue Item Boxes contain single-use items, Zenny, FME, and Figure Tokens, green Item Boxes contain rare items and equipments like weapons and Force Metals, yellow Item Boxes contain Tank Energy, and red Item Boxes contain Key Items and Tank Parts. If X has the maximum amount (9) of the item in the Item Box, a MMXCMIconX will appear in the item plate in the top left of the screen indicating that the item could not be obtained, but it will be restored once X moves to other area or enter in a fight.

There is a total of 392 Item Boxes in the game, being 21 in Lagrano Ruins, 62 (GameCube) / 63 (PlayStation 2) in Central Tower, 45 in Tianna Camp, 67 in Gaudile Laboratory, 39 in Ulfat Factory, 37 in Gimialla Mine, 37 in Vanallia Desert, 33 in Melda Ore Plant, 35 in Grave Ruins Base, and 15 in Far East HQ.

Mega Man Zero series


The Item Box is a white container from Mega Man Zero and Mega Man Zero 2 that has a Cyber-elf inside.