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Jack Corvus (ジャック・コーヴァス) is the EM Wave Change form of the characters Jack and Corvus from the Mega Man Star Force series. Jack Corvus is fought by Mega Man in Mega Man Star Force 3.


Jack Corvus is capable of the following abilities:

  • Gravity Body - Jack Corvus is immune to Gravity.
  • Poison Body - Jack Corvus is immune to HP bug.
  • Float Shoes - Jack Corvus is immune to the effects of panels.
  • Air Shoes - Jack Corvus can move over holes.
  • Flight - Jack Corvus sometimes takes flight, and in doing so he moves off the battlefield.
  • Grave Claw - Jack Corvus summons three purple flames that will transform into claws and travel down the columns at different times.
  • Corvus Wing - Jack Corvus attacks the player's current position by slicing with his wings. This attack inflicts HP Bug.
  • Crow's Flight - Some panels flash and Jack dashes down the flashing panels. This attack is Breaking and Wind.
  • Queen Virgo Tag-Out - Queen Virgo appears in his place, attacking with Hydro Dragon.
  • Wicked Flame (ペインヘルフレイム, Painful Flame in Japan) - Jack floats up and fires purple flames at different panels, with some targeting the player's current position.

Battle Cards

IDBattle CardDescriptionAttackElement
Mega Card 13
SF3 BC M013
JackCorvs 2-pnl claw atk on 3 far side cols150BC Element Heat Fire
Mega Card 14
SF3 BC M014
JackCorvsV2 2-pnl claw atk on 3 far side cols180BC Element Heat Fire
Mega Card 15
SF3 BC M015
JackCorvsV3 2-pnl claw atk on 3 far side cols300BC Element Heat Fire
Illegal Card
(Mega Card)
Xxx jack corvus X
JackCorvsX 2-pnl claw atk on 3 far side cols380BC Element Heat Fire
Illegal Card
(Giga Card)
Sf3 jack corvus gigaWickdFlame Unleash 12 WickdFlam on far 3 rows100BC Element Heat Fire

Galaxy Advance:

Galaxy AdvanceDescriptionAttackElementBattle Cards
Xxx jack corvus ga
JackCorvsGA 2-pnl claw atk on 3 far side cols420BC Element Heat Fire KiloBomb1
Xxx wicked flame gaWickdFlamGA Unleash 12 WickdFlam on far 3 rows120BC Element Heat Fire DanceFire3



  • Jack Corvus is the only fire EM Being with an added side effect to some of his abilities, which causes HP bugs to Mega Man.
  • Corvus Noise also has a unique ability. The Corvus Noise charged shot inflicts Gravity on hit (same as Paralyze effect).
  • Jack Corvus' Grave Claw attack is very similar to EraseMan.EXE's Misty Demon attack.
  • Jack Corvus' helmet is reminiscent to that of Crow Hogan from Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's and Yu-Gi-Oh! Arc-V. Also both characters were orphans and having a black bird theme. Also his name and elemental powers refer to Jack Atlas and his signature card Red Demons Dragon/Red Demons Scarlight Dragon.

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