Jack In! MegaMan!
MegaMan NT Warrior episode 1
Air date March 4, 2002 (Japan)
May 17, 2003 (America)
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Opening Theme Rockman no Theme - Kaze wo Tsukinukete
Ending Theme Piece of Peace

Jack In! MegaMan!, known as Plug In! Rockman! (プラグイン!ロックマン! Puragu In! Rokkuman!) in Japan, is the series premiere of the MegaMan NT Warrior anime. It features the debut of Lan Hikari, MegaMan, Maylu Sakurai, Roll, and several other supporting characters. This episode is an unlockable exclusive bonus to the Xbox version of Mega Man Anniversary Collection.


Lan Hikari, a young boy in DenTech City, dreams of owning his own custom NetNavi one day. His father promised to make him one when he entered the 5th grade, but when he meets MegaMan for the first time, he isn't impressed. After Lan and MegaMan take on Dex and GutsMan and then Mr. Match and TorchMan, the duo start a lifelong friendship.


The episode begins with a narration by Lan Hikari before then cutting to the Game Soul arcade where GutsMan and Lan's NormalNavi are fighting each other. The NormalNavi dodges a GutsHammer and Lan uses Blaster which GutsMan blocks with his arms. The NormalNavi then uses CyberSword, but it breaks against GutsMan's arms. GutsMan finishes the NormalNavi with another GutsHammer, causing him to log out. Dex Ogreon gloats while Lan sulks over his 18th loss to Dex and GutsMan.

Later, Lan and Maylu Sakurai walk home and Lan laments about his lack of a customized NetNavi as opposed to his generic one. Maylu is reminded by Roll of her piano lessons and leaves with Dex chasing after her.

Lan learns that his NormalNavi would be unable to battle for some time due to heavy damage much to his despair. Maysa then throws a fish at him and talks to Lan. Lan is exasperated at Maysa's lack of computer knowledge while a fire truck races by. Maysa wonders about the fires, then gives Lan two fish and leaves.

That night Lan and his mother Haruka have dinner, when a package from his dad, Yuichiro, arrives from Borneo. Lan assumes it's a disk to containing his own personal NetNavi, but it appears to simply be a software update. It takes 3 hours to boot, during which Lan falls asleep.

In the morning he is awakened by MegaMan, his own personal NetNavi, but Lan is disappointed by his small size. This disappointment doesn't last long as a group of Mettaurs and CanDevils attack his stove, setting it on fire. MegaMan defeats the viruses easily, but see the silhouette of a mysterious NetNavi who escapes. Marveling at MegaMan's power gives Lan the confidence to challenge Dex to a rematch. Meanwhile, Mr. Match reports to Mr. Wily who states that the next time Mr. Match finds MegaMan, he is to delete him.

The next day GutsMan attempts to flirt with Roll in class, but gets a Roll Blast for his efforts. After school, MegaMan and GutsMan face off. GutsMan uses GutsPunch, but MegaMan stops it with his bare hands. Then MegaMan attacks with a barrage of punches which knock GutsMan back. Then Lan uses CyberSword, but Roll interrupts them. She tells them that a fire has broken out in Maylu's stove. MegaMan and GutsMan go with Roll to the Stove's Net while Lan and Dex go on foot.

MegaMan deletes the viruses, but TorchMan pushes MegaMan and GutsMan back. GutsMan charges at him, but is forced to log out after taking too much damage from TorchMan's fire blast. Maylu is rescued and Lan goes back into the house to help MegaMan. He uses Blaster to push TorchMan back, then a CyberSword to cut off his arm. TorchMan retreats and the fires stop.

Maylu is taken away by an ambulance and Dex cries for GutsMan. Lan and MegaMan then seal their friendship, though quickly after MegaMan reminds Lan that he needs to do his homework.


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Home media

This episode was released on the first volume of the anime in Japan and America on VHS and DVD.


  • When MegaMan is first introduced, the sky blue accents on his helmet are yellow, like center of his helmet.
  • During his battle with Dex and GutsMan before Roll arrival, Lan says he's going to use a CyberSword, but the chip he has in hand that moment is a Blaster.