Jackass the Safe Cracker is a minor character in Rockman.EXE Stream. 20 years before the start of the series, he created a program that could open any lock in the cyberworld that utilized multiple points of entry and left no evidence, making it nearly impossible to trace him. He managed to steal 10 billion Zenny from banks and public organizations that shocked all of Amerope, however, his overconfidence due to his success would get the better of him, and he went after Amerope’s military data. Colonel.EXE intervenes and sees through Jackass’s trick, and despite his attempt to disconnect before the police could find him, the police and Barrel reprehend him and send him to prison, where he currently resides.

In the present day, Enzan Ijuuin, Raoul, and Hunter question Jackass about Rat, a recently released criminal who begins to use Jackass’s hacking methods. Jackass reveals that he told Rat how to use it, since he believed the data would be useless and outdated by now, and is surprised when he learns that Rat was using it before telling the three where the third and last pillar used in the program was. The Safecracking Man


Jackass in his youth, moments before being arrested.

When Rockman.EXE is sent into the cyberworld 20 years in the past, he witnesses one of Jackass's crimes. At this point in time Jackass was still a young and successful hacker, and begins to hack into a bank with the (at the time) latest security system. Despite Rockman easily seeing though this (being from modern times) and attempting to stop him, the security Navis reprimand Rockman as the perpetrator. Shademan Strikes Back


  • Jackass mentions that NetSaviors were once known as “Officials” in his youth before he was sent to prison, a nod to the Mega Man Battle Network series, where Official NetBattlers are citizens who help the NetPolice solve crimes.

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