Jaiwan (ジャイワン) is the first boss in Mega Man Legends 2 in the Abandoned Mine on Calinca. The Jaiwan attacks Joe when he tries to take the Refractor from the ruins to power his Dropship, and Mega Man Volnutt fights against Jaiwan to prevent it from leaving the ruins and attacking the city. Jaiwan is also the boss guarding the Refractor in the Pokte Caverns, and is a boss in the Rido Ruins from Rockman DASH 2 Episode 1.

Jaiwan attacks with a shockwave and a swat. Though Jaiwan takes damage regardless of where it is hit, it receives more damage when hit on its weak spot, a spike with different color on its rear. If Mega Man stays out of his view for some time and doesn't attack, Jaiwan will calm down and walk around slowly until he spots Mega Man again or is attacked.


The Jaiwan approaching Mega Man.

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