Jakks Pacific, Inc. is an American company that designs and markets toys and consumer products, with a range of products that feature numerous children's toy licenses. The company is named after its founder, Jack Friedman, who had previously founded LJN and THQ and presided over the company until his death in May 2010.

Jakks' produces action figures, electronics, dolls, dress-up, role play, Halloween costumes, kids furniture, vehicles, plush, art activity kits, seasonal products, infant/preschool, construction toys, and pet toys sold under various proprietary brands including Jakks Pacific, Creative Designs International, Road Champions, Funnoodle, Go Fly a Kite, Jakks Pets, EyeClops, Plug It In & Play TV Games, Girl Gourmet, Kids Only!, Tollytots and Disguise. Jakks is a licensee of several hundred trademarks, including Mega Man.

Mega Man

Jakks Pacific Mega Man Deluxe Figure In 2018 Jakks Pacific released a deluxe 12" Mega Man figure with sound effects and lights. Includes Rolling Cutter, Ice Slasher and Hyper Bomb accessories that change his sounds when equipped.
Jakks Pacific Mega Man 11 In 2018 Jakks Pacific also released a Mega Man 11 figure pack containing Mega Man (normal), Mega Man (Block Dropper) and Block Man.[1]

Mega Man X

Light Buster - A replica of the buster from the Arm Parts in the first Mega Man X game released on August 29, 2019. It has five lights and eight sound effects.[2]

Mega Man: Fully Charged

Jakks Pacific released a Mega Man: Fully Charged toy line in 2019.

Jakks Pacific MMFC Mega Man Mega Man5" figure that can use the projectiles from other figures.
Jakks Pacific MMFC Ice Man Ice Man5" figure with cannon accessory.
Jakks Pacific MMFC Air Man Air Man6" figure with cannon accessory.
Jakks Pacific MMFC Wave Man Wave Man6" figure with cannon accessory.
Jakks Pacific MMFC Mega Man (Drill Man Schematics) Mega Man
(Drill Man Schematics)
Deluxe series 5" figure with spinning drill.
Jakks Pacific MMFC Drill Man Drill Man Deluxe series 7" figure with spinning drills.
Jakks Pacific MMFC Guts Man Guts Man Deluxe series 7" figure that can inflate his belly.
Jakks Pacific MMFC Mega Buster Mega Buster Mega Buster role play toy with light and sounds.
Jakks Pacific MMFC Mega Buster Playset Mega Buster Lab Mega Buster shaped playset.


Disguise, Inc. is a costume design and manufacturing division from Jakks Pacific that made costumes from Capcom franchises like Mega Man and Street Fighter.


ImageCharacterProduct codeRelease
DisguiseMegaMan MegaMan.EXE
(MegaMan NT Warrior)
#5057 2004
DisguiseZero Zero
(Mega Man X series)
#5058 2004
Disguise Mega Man (MMFC) Mega Man
(Mega Man: Fully Charged)
#10632 2019

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