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"Reach the satellite using the Elevator and find Sigma."
—Stage description

Jakob (ヤコブ Yakobu) is a setting important to the plot of Mega Man X8. It's an orbital elevator built in the Galápagos Islands as part of the Jakob Project. The Reploid in charge of the project, Lumine, was captured by Vile at the beginning of the game and Sigma took control of the Jakob Project. After defeating the eight bosses, the Maverick Hunters use the elevator to go after Sigma who has stationed himself on the Moon, also fighting against Vile at the top of the tower.


The Jacob stage is set inside the elevator, with the Maverick Hunters fighting against aerial enemies during its ascend. The elevator periodically stops at areas with doors, with Guardroids appearing to attack:

  1. Three standard Guardroids
  2. Three Guardroid LIGs (with shield)
  3. Four Guardroid LIGs (with saber)
  4. Five Guardroid LIGs (shield x2, saber x2, gun x1)
  5. Three Guardroid KNIs (bazooka)
  6. Four Guardroid KNIs (shield x3, bazooka x1)
  7. Four Guardroid KNIs (homing missile)
  8. Nine Guardroid KNIs (bazookas, homing missiles, and shields)

An easy way to pass the stage is to remain on the center of the elevator as Zero and spam Rasetsusen with the D Glaive equipped. After reaching the top, Vile appears to confront the Hunters.




In the Bible, Jacob dreamed of seeing angels climb up a winding stairway leading up to Heaven.


  • Because the Neo Arcadia Tower from Mega Man Zero used to be an orbital elevator that was destroyed in the Maverick Wars and later repaired by Neo Arcadia, it's often speculated that it was Jakob. But, there is no confirmation they are the same tower, possibly being any other orbital elevator built between the series (including Babel from Mega Man X: Command Mission).
    • Since the Jakob Elevator was last seen intact in Mega Man X8, it's unlikely to be the same tower.

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