The Jakob Project is the project that involved the Jakob Orbital Elevator's creation. Lumine was in charge of the project.


The Jakob Project was made for the safety of the humans due to the rising of Maverick Cases, Humans Migrated to the Moon, and the New-Generation Reploids were tasked to use the elevators inside the Jakob Tower to transport materials to the Moon.

Events that lead to Megaman X8

One of the "Elevators" had malfunctioned and was sent crashing down, Maverick Hunter X is in the area when the Door of the Elevator's ripped open, revealing not only one Sigma, but a whole army of Sigmas, X stands in shock when a purple-haired Reploid shows up in front of the Sigmas. He introduced himself as Lumine, who is the Director of The Jakob Project and reveals that in fact, the Sigma Army aren't really Sigmas, but rather the New-Generation Reploids taking the form of Sigma to protect Lumine, who claims that New-generation Reploids enjoy complete and total immunity from viruses, saying also that copying something as dangerous as Sigma isn't risky at all. Later Maverick Hunters X, Zero and Axl, (Who is now a full-time Maverick Hunter) are sent to investigate inside Point Galapagos, encountering a Giant Crablike Maverick which they defeat and encounter 3 times, with the Third Time destroying it. As they're about to leave, a barrage of missiles are sent to them, later revealing that it was Vile was the one to fire the missiles. Axl, who doesn't know Vile, stands surprised. While Zero explains that Vile used to be a hunter, and is now a Maverick, Vile then reveals a surprise for them, an entangled Lumine, who is unconscious (pretending to be unconscious supposedly). Vile then leaves.

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