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Jasmine is a character in the Rockman.EXE anime series, debuting in Stream. She is a curious and optimistic girl from Choina who is in training to become a herbalist by her grandfather Cardamom. She is the operator of Medi.EXE, and is Meiru Sakurai’s rival for Netto Hikari’s affection. She later becomes one of the Cross Fusion Members.


Jasmine is a perky young girl who is full of curiosity and wonder. She has a lot of affection for Netto, who helped her find an herb that was supposedly “extinct”, but was really being held in a secured area by a pharmaceutical company. Upon returning to Akihara Town and reuniting with Netto, Jasmine becomes a rival for Netto’s affection with Meiru, who herself begins to realize how she feels about Netto, and seizes opportunities to rub her and Netto’s friendship in Meiru’s face, showing a level of pettiness, a trait she shares with her Navi, Medi.

For her age, Jasmine is a skilled and talented herbalist and nurse, and is able to help the dolphin Star recover with the right ingredients and care.


Rockman.EXE Stream


Rockman.EXE Beast


Rockman.EXE Beast+

Jasmine and Star make a cameo appearance in the series finale, being turned into cached data by Cache.



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