Jazwares is a toy company based in Florida that released Mega Man action figures in the 2000s.

Mega Man series

Mega Man is an 6" action figure line released in 2003-2004.

  • Mega Man X (comes with sword, a Ray Bit and detachable Buster)
    • Mega Man X - Metallic
    • Magnet Mine Mega Man X (the package incorrectly claims that the weapon Mega Man X is using is the Magnet Mine, when he actually uses the Triad Thunder colors)
  • Command Mission X (X from Mega Man X: Command Mission. Comes with a sword and an armor-less X miniature)
  • Zero (Comes with sword, detachable buster, and a spider enemy)
  • Zero Version 2 (Zero from Mega Man Zero series. Comes with two Z-Sabers and a MegaMan X series Zero miniature)
  • Axl (Axl with dark blue armor. Comes with two Axl Pistols. Hair and the wing-like details are detachable)
    • Night Shade - Axl (Axl with black armor)
  • Vile

Mega Man Retro-Roto

Mega Man Retro-Roto is a line of Mega Man PVC action figures released in 2005. The characters are designed like their original appearances in early games. Each of them has one of the five pieces necessary to assemble an action figure (the package incorrectly claims that six pieces exist). The action figure is a recolored Mega Man representing him with the Mega Buster fully charged. They were later re-released in 2010 without the parts for the fully charged Mega Man.

First series:

Second series:
The back of the package shows an image of Wood Man and Ice Man for a second wave planned to be released, but the line was canceled.[1]

Also, a third wave possibly including Metal Man, Skull Man, and Bass was planned.[2]

Ultimate Armor Kit


"Gaia Armor"

Ultimate Armor Kit is a series of model kits.

Other releases

  • Mega Mini Pack (a set with 3" figures of X, Zero, Axl, and Vile)
  • 10" Mega Man
  • 10" Mega Man X
  • 10" Axl
  • 10" Zero Nightshade
  • Ride Chaser (14" Ride Chaser with friction motor and sound; comes with a 6" Axl figure)
  • Dr. Wiley's Lab (playset with several features and a 6" Dr. Wily figure)
  • Wrecking Station (diorama playset with magnetic Mega Man and Bass miniatures)
  • Mech Factory (diorama playset with magnetic X and Sigma miniatures)
  • Role play buster with foam darts
  • 42" Mega Man Bop Bag


6" Mega Man figures

Mega Man Retro-Roto



  • The X figure from the Mega Mini Pack appears on the film Just My Luck. It is stuck on Katy's face when she first appears.
  • The Cut Man figure appeared in the Mega Man Universe trailer.

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