Jean Couronne Welmond Jour Jovonne XIV (ジャン・クローヌ・ヴェルモンド・ジョルジョワーヌ14世), Couronne XIV for short, is a character from the Mega Man Star Force series. Couronne XIV is the long deceased master of the Jour Jovonne family and the human partner of Crown. When the two EM Wave Change, they become Crown Thunder.

Game History

Mega Man Star Force

Normal jean

Jean Couronne as a ghost in the first game.

After beating the game and going back to Earth, Jean shows up in the Dream Island junkyard. Geo and Omega-Xis will find a ghost who will tell he is a dead human king called Jean Couronne XIV. He died long ago, but his ghost remained and was able to EM Wave Change with Crown to become Crown Thunder. He tells them to meet him at the City Dump Wave Road.

He appears as Crown Thunder in the Junkyard and challenges MegaMan to a battle.

Anime History

Mega Man Star Force

Jean and Crown haunt an abandoned amusement park. They are seemingly invincible, because no attacks could hurt them. But, it is revealed that striking the amusement park itself would cause damage to them because Jean's soul was linked to it.

Later, Crown can turn into him, but has an arrow through his head.

He also appears in the last episode of Shooting Star Rockman Tribe with all the FM-ians and their compatible humans.


  • The ghost of Jean has two arrows stuck in his back, one of which is broken as though he had tried to pull it out but failed. It is not specified if these arrows were the cause of his demise, but if such truly is the case, it would lend credence to Jean lingering as a ghost among living, having met his end so suddenly, tragically, and unwillingly that his soul did not move on to the afterlife. The arrows lodged in his back also imply Jean was assassinated.

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