For the Mega Man Legends vehicle, see Rocket.

Jet Bomb (ジェットボム Jetto Bomu) is a missile-like enemy in Mega Man 5 that appears in the stages of Napalm Man and Star Man (as well as in Mega Man for the Game Gear). When it is shot, it explodes, sending debris in four diagonal directions toward Mega Man. If it hits a wall, however, it will send three pieces of debris in a spread pattern instead.

In Mega Man IV it appears in Napalm Man's stage and the first Wily Battleship stage.

Other media

Three Jet Bombs in the Rockman 5 manga.

Jet Bombs have a short appearance in the areas controlled by Napalm Man and Star Man in the Rockman 5 manga.


During the development of Mega Man 5, there was likely a prototype of the Jet Bomb, which looked completely different. There is an unused enemy in the game that resembles a flying grenade, which explodes and split into pieces if it would hit Mega Man or a wall, just like the final version. It's still unknown why the design was changed.[2]