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Jet Mega Man, known as Jet Rockman (ジェットロックマン) in Japan, is the form Mega Man takes when combined with Rush by using the Rush Jet Adaptor obtained after Plant Man's defeat in Mega Man 6. When Rush changes to combine with Mega Man, his head and limbs get inside his own body, which becomes a body armor, and part of his frontal limbs become the armor's shoulders and jets.[1]

As Jet Mega Man, Mega Man is able to fly by using the jets on his back, but only for a limited time. Although the time is shorter than Rush Jet, it can be used any number of times due to using solar energy and allows Mega Man to move more freely in the air. Flight is done by holding the jump button, and it can be released and held again to control the flight height. A gauge displays how long his flight lasts. When the gauge is depleted, Mega Man will fall, but the gauge will rapidly recharge while he is on the ground. Mega Man cannot charge his buster or slide while using this form.

Other media

The Rush Jet Adaptor appeared in the Rockman 6 manga, with Dr. Light introducing Rush's new ability to Mega Man after Plant Man's defeat. It greatly helped him in his battle against Mr. X's robots, being mainly used to invade their fortress and reach high areas, and saving him from spikes in Mr. X's Castle.


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