"I'm impressed that you found me... But your search is over. Get ready X!"
―Jet Stingray, Mega Man X4

Jet Stingray, known as Jet Stingren (ジェット・スティングレン) in Japan, is a stingray-based member of the Repliforce, who were labeled Maverick because of their desire for independence. Dedicated to his military career, he worked his way up the ranks to become a member of the Repliforce's navy. He had great respect for both General and Colonel, so when General announced his move for Reploid independence there were no question to where his loyalties lay. When the coup began, as a diversion he attacked a city's underground power station creating chaos to draw in the Maverick Hunters.

Power & Abilities

  • He poses excellent mobility as he can dash in either the water or air (Zero will learn this technique called Hienkyaku). He can also perform "crashing" attacks while dashing with extreme speed.
  • He can create a vacuum from his right arm to pull his opponent in.
  • He can summon robotic stingrays (X will gain this weapon called Ground Hunter).


His weapon, Ground Hunter, is basically small robotic stingrays that run along the ground and up walls seeking out their target. There are two types of miniature stingrays that Jet will release: blue that he will release from above in sets of four and red which he will start releasing when his health meter changes to yellow. These cause more damage and will also drop down once they are above the player rather than once they run into the far wall. He is incredibly fast and will try to body tackle his opponent from any direction. Jet will also use the jet fan equipped on his arm to pull his opponent in.

Ice weapons will freeze him momentarily and interrupt his attacks. X can use a well timed Frost Tower to bring him down. With Zero, using Hyouretsuzan on Jet Stingray takes practice. A popular strategy is to have both Hyouretsuzan and Kūenbu. Double jump when Jet approaches, and then use Hyouretsuzan. One method that can reliably freeze him is to stick to the wall behind Jet and use Hyouretsuzan once he descends to use his fan, however this can only be used once he is below half health. If the player has Rakuhouha, it can be used to destroy the Ground Hunters in a tight situation as well as deal moderate damage. While Zero is performing the move he is also invincible, so there is no need to fear Jet Stingray's diving attack.

Most bosses show the ability that you will gain during the battle. X's Ground Hunter is obviously the mini-stingrays Jet fires himself. Zero's air dash, or Hienkyaku, is of course based on Jet Stingray's mobility.

It is interesting to note that Jet Stingray's tail does not have a hitbox, either when he is stationary or diving.


When Playing as X

Jet Stingray: I'm impressed that you found me... But your search is over. Get ready X!

When Playing as Zero

Jet Stingray: Argh! He's still after me! Enough already. We settle this now!

Other Media

Archie Comics

Jet Stingray would be among the many Mavericks recreated and unleashed by Sigma-2 in order to invade various worlds through the Genesis Portals so that Sigma could use the Unity Engines to drain their energies and gain god-like power.

Rockman X4 (manga)

Death of Jet Stingray

Jet Stingray's death

Jet Stingray appears in the manga version of Mega Man X4 as a loyal commander of the Repliforce navy. He has great respect and admiration for the Colonel, as he once saved his life during a mission by taking a blast meant for Stingray. He follows along with the Repliforce when they announce their coup d'etat against the human government. Just like in the game, he destroys an entire city, using a remote-controlled device to trigger the explosion. However, he is shown having his Repliforce subordinates evacuate the human civilians from the city of Toraisu first.

Zero arrives on the scene with a Ride Chaser, demanding to know where the Colonel is, and Stingray refuses to tell him. He immediately recognizes Zero due to his red armor and blonde hair, as Colonel previously described Zero to Stingray in a conversation where he exclaimed that Zero was his lifelong rival. Stingray tells his subordinates to flee, saying he will handle Zero all on his own.

He is infuriated over the fact that Zero has chosen to oppose Colonel and the Repliforce, seeing it as a betrayal and insult to the Colonel. After Zero and Stingray battle it out for a while, Stingray's Repliforce subordinates intervene on the scene with Ride Chasers, wanting to aid their commander. Before they can, everyone present is blasted in a surprise attack from the Reploid Self-Defense Forces, who had come to stop Repliforce's coup. Stingray is clearly anguished over seeing his men blasted wiped out, and he laments their deaths before succumbing to his own wounds from the blasts and perishing as well.



  • Though Jet Stingray attacks the player with yellow Ground Hunters while chasing them in his stage, he never uses them in his boss fight.
  • His original Japanese lines painted him as eloquent and boastful, making no implications of hiding and was instead impressed X could catch up to his speed.
  • His recorded lines included, "With the pride of my army, I shall obliterate you!" "I have seen jellyfish made of sterner stuff," and "Farewell... May you fade alongside the ocean debris."
  • In Ace Attorney 6, another Capcom game, when the character Pees'lubn Andistan'dhin starts playing heavy metal, the guitar chords on the background sound almost identical to Jet Stingray's theme.

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